The Duduk Code

I'm not exactly sure what a "duduk" is, but we'll apparently be hearing the sound one of them makes in the upcoming Code soundtrack—and Armenians are apparently pretty happy about that! For more, click below...

PanArmenian Network, 19.04.06


Art Donovan said...

It's a very old, double reed instrument.

Turkey features it as a national treasure. Djvan Gasparian is the main master of it and has worked with Hans Zimmer for the musical scores of "Gladiator". Also Peter Gabriel used the Duduk in the soundtrack for "The Last Temptation of Christ".

It's a hell of a beautiful sound. Mesmerizing in it's voice- Very much like that of a human voice.

I'd love to learn to play it but it's said that you need the lungs of a Greek Sponge Diver to play it.

I smoke. That leaves me out !

Regards, Art

Edwin said...

Hi Art,

I just wanted to clarify that the Duduk is a traditional Armenian instrument and not an instrument of Turkey. Djivan Gasparian is a famous Armenian Duduk master who has performed on a variety of soundtracks as you've mentioned and although there are varients to the duduk, those featured on soundtracks and played by Djivan are the Armenian Duduk.



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