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February 18, 2008
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NarniaFans.com has posted an exclusive interview with Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’s step-son and co-producer of the Chronicles of Narnia movies. He apparently has a cameo appearance in the film.

Gresham comments on some controversial aspects of the Prince Caspian movie including Ben Barnes’ age, the reappearance of the White Witch and the Night Raid. These sequences are not found in the book, but are apparently important to making the story work as a movie.

Well we did have a bit of a problem with making Prince Caspian the book into Prince Caspian the movie. You see, its largely a book of walking and talking. The kids arrive in Narnia and then Trumpkin arrives and they all sit down and he tells them the story of Prince Caspian. So if we had stuck to the book half the movie would be four kids and a dwarf sitting round a camp fire talking. And then they all get up and go for a nice long walk in the woods, arrive at the other end and there’s a battle. Now this all works very well in the book, but it would make a very poor movie. What we needed to do was to find a way of making the story of Prince Caspian integral to that of the four Pevensies and carry both through the whole movie. The raid is a part of that process. Its never as easy as you think.

When asked what he and his step-father would want us to come away with from the film, Gresham commented:

Prince Caspian is a story about people and indeed the entire world of Narnia, returning to truth and true faith after a millennium of corruption and a long slide away from what is real and important. It is a story about hope, courage and honesty, and it tells us that no matter how far away we drift, there is always a way back. What that way back is, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Click here to see the entire Interview at NarniaFans.com.

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