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January 1, 2009
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With just three weeks of sales data, Prince Caspian has become the number 10 best-selling DVD of 2008. According to estimates by The-Numbers.com, the Narnia movie has already sold over 5 million units with sales of almost $85 million. (These are apparently figures for the North American market only.) The only other movie in the top ten that was released later was The Dark Knight, which reached nearly 10.5 million units and total sales of almost $220 million in two weeks.

Part of the disparity in the sales per unit between the two films could be due to bad marketing. In my personal experience, single DVD units of Prince Caspian were much easier to find on store shelves than the 3-disc Collector’s editions, which I ended up buying online. The Wal-Marts I checked didn’t even stock the Collector’s edition, and sold out of the Blu-ray copies in about one day. Disney’s Wall-E, which was released November 23, had many more units in stock when I checked, with plenty of Collector’s editions on hand.

It makes me wonder how hard Disney (which has now dropped their support for the Narnia series) was actually marketing the movie to retail outlets and if other Prince Caspian fans had a similar experience to what I did. Please leave your comments below if you have anything to share.

Click here to see the Top Selling DVDs of 2008 on The-Numbers.com.

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