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Will the Australian Rating Hurt or Help Caspian?

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June 8, 2008
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I usually limit my Narnia News Blog entries to one a day, but this was important enough that I thought I should post this today. Prince Caspian, which received a PG rating in the United States, has been rated M in Australia. This is not the equivalent of the U.S. game rating M for mature (adult) audiences, but the next step up from their PG rating. Here are the film rating designations for Australia, and what they mean:

G – General – The content is very mild.

PG – Parental guidance recommended – The content is mild.

M – Recommended for mature audiences – The content is moderate in impact.

The certifications below are legally restricted.

MA15+ – Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. – The content is strong.

R18+ – Restricted to 18 and over. – High level content.

X18+ – Restricted to 18 and over. – This classification applies to films that contain only sexually explicit content.

In a previous Narnia News Blog entry in March (just after the MPAA rating come out for the movie), I asked what effect the rating would have: “Will this help the film by securing the younger audience, or hurt it because many adults will loose interest?” Some reviews have commented that Caspian is rather violent for a PG movie, but I have my doubts whether this has affected domestic attendance much.

Perhaps Australia’s more restrictive system may have more affect. In an article on Australia’s News.com.au, Andrew Fenton complains “MOVIE distributors have turned their backs on families with not one G-rated movie expected to screen during the July school holidays.” He relates how a Lutheran school canceled a trip to Prince Caspian upon learning its rating.

Prince Caspian opened across Australia this past Thursday, June 5.

I will try to give a report on the box office tomorrow. It may be too early at that point to give a report on Australia, but I will keep you informed as I have information.

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