Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Will the Prince Caspian Rumors Prove True?

Anticipation is keeping me ... speculating

April 7, 2008
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The White Witch

Narnia fans have been perplexed about the appearance of The White Witch in Prince Caspian. Isn’t she dead? I think what the film creators are trying to do is to reproduce in a visual way the intensity of the scene in Chapter 12, “Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance.” Talking about conjuring up her ghost works for the book. Visualizing her “in ice” might just work better on film.

The Relationship Between Caspian and Susan

Adamson has said that one of the prevailing themes in the movie is “the passage into adulthood.” Part of growing up is learning to relate to the opposite sex. It has been reported that in the movie, Caspian and Susan flirt with each other. The reaction by fans of the book seems to be overwhelmingly negative to these reports. “This can’t be; it doesn’t line up with what happens in the other books.” I happen to disagree. Although there is no hint of flirting in the book, I think this might be a good thing. Let me try to explain.

As I’ve indicated before, Lewis does not provide much detail, so it seems appropriate to “read between the lines.” I think this is a good read. Here is an exiled prince (at the hight of puberty) with no human companionship except the four Pevensies. Among them is an attractive girl about his age who is obviously cultured and refined. It only seems natural to me that there would be some kind of “spark” between them. Of course, this cannot become serious (especially if Walden and Disney are indeed serious about completing the series), but I see no problem with a bit of flirting.

We do know that Susan is left behind in this world in The Last Battle, but we do not know her final fate. She has put her social life (lipstick and nylons and invitations) above her belief in Narnia, but what effect will the death of her siblings have on her? Will she be restored much as Narnia is restored in Prince Caspian? I suspect we will still be left hanging when the movie series is completed—unless they decide to read between the lines…

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