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Children’s Book Series Review: The Invisible Tails Series by Davy Liu

December 22, 2016
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The Invisible Tails Series is a five-book series written by former Disney artist Davy Liu. All five stories are classic Bible stories shared from the animal’s perspective.

Davy Liu’s fascinating retelling of these Bible stories is guaranteed to be different than any other children’s recounting you have read about them. His unique approach to these stories gave me a new appreciation for these favorite stories.

The Invisible Tails Series includes:

  • Jordan’s Guest
  • The Royal Feast
  • Fire Fish
  • Enchanted Tree
  • The Giant Leaf

So many of the Bible stories that we read to the children in our lives include animals.  I honestly never really thought about how prevalent they were in them, however, that all changed after reading The Invisible Tail Series.

Jordan’s Guest is about Jesus entering Jeresulam, The Royal Feast is about Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Fire Fish shares the story of the parting of the Red Sea, The Enchanted Tree narrates the Garden of Eden account, and The Giant Leaf is a Noah’s Ark masterpiece.

I mean, think about the animals at Noah’s Ark.  What do you think was going through their mind as some were being led up the Ark while others were left? The Giant Leaf tells the story of a fox, Kendu,  who goes on a journey to find the giant leaf he has seen in his dreams. The animals in the story refer to the Ark as the Animal Eater and are afraid of it, which gave me a good laugh. However, in the end, they realize that the Ark is indeed the giant leaf they have been dreaming about and is what saves them from destruction.

The Royal Feast was a remarkable story of Daniel and the Lions Den focusing on the lion’s that were in the den.  The story is about three main lions that are in the den: Belzar, King Nebu and the King’s son Zuma.  The three lions have problems of their own as Zuma became jealous of his father’s and Belzar’s relationship and eventually turns on them.  In the end, though, the lions come together and protect Daniel when he was thrown into the den.

Overall, I enjoyed this series very much.  Each book gave a unique look into the story it told.  Although these are fictional recountings of Bible stories, the all are filled with applicable learning takeaways. The illustrations in the books were outstanding, and my boys would just sit and look at the pictures intently after I was done reading.

If you are looking for faith-based stories to share with the young ones in your life, that will be intriguing and not like any other story you have read; I can not recommend The Invisible Tails Series enough.

To learn more about The Invisible Tails Series visit their website or Amazon.




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