The Adventures of Adam Raccoon

Children’s Book Series Review: The Adventures of Adam Raccoon by Glen Keane

December 5, 2016
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“The series follows Adam Raccoon, who lives in the Master’s Wood along with his best friend, King Aren and many other memorable friends and foes. During Adam’s adventures he discovers over and over that no matter what he faces, King Aren will see him through.” Green Egg Media Press Release

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon is an eight book series written and illustrated by Glen Keane, a former Disney artist, and animator.

These books are the perfect combination of excellent animation and captivating story telling. The series is comprised of:

  • Forever Falls
  • Lost Woods
  • The Circus Master
  • The Flying Machine
  • The Mighty Giant
  • The King’s Big Dinner
  • Race to Victory Mountain
  • Bully Garumph

While they are all noteworthy, a few stood out to me.  Bully Garumph was a sweet story about loving your enemies. King Aren shared wise words with Adam:

“Adam, anyone can love his friends. But it takes a special kind of courageous love to love your enemies.”

Later in the story after Adam had failed at showing love once again, King Aren comforted Adam:

“Adam, it’s not easy. It takes much more courage to love than to fight and hate. Don’t give up.”

I am not sure I have ever previously referred to a children’s book as a “page-turner” but, Bully Garumph was just that.

Another favorite was The King’s Big Dinner. King Aren asked Adam to invite everyone he met to dinner however when Adam went out; he was selective on who he invited.  He invited those he wanted to come to dinner, however, none of them wanted to come.  Those he didn’t want to come to dinner — the family of baby birds or Cindy Skunk he didn’t invite.  When dinnertime came, and no one showed up to dinner, Adam had to fess up to his error.  King Aren told him to go and invite everyone, and when they all showed up King Aren announced,

“Welcome to my dinner! You are all special in my kingdom.”

The King’s Big Dinner was an engaging retelling of The Parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14.

All eight books in The Adventures of Adam Raccoon are rich in content and contain truths that I want to read over and over to my kids.  Bonus, my kids, want me to read these over and over!!

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