Patterns Of Evidence Young Explorers

DVD Series Review: Patterns of Evidence ...

May 19, 2017Comments off

Patterns of Evidence – Young Explorers is a five video series that shows patterns through six major events that outline the Exodus. The Young Explorer

13 Reasons Why

TV Series Review & Interview: 13 Reaso...

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I have been paying attention to the discussions on social media about the Original Netflix TV series, 13 Reasons Why and felt that it was

Review Finding Jesus

TV Series Review: Finding Jesus: Faith, Fac...

Mar 03, 2017Comments off

CNN presents the second season of their popular series Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery. In this six-part documentary, well-known pastors, theologians, and scholars examine famous religious artifacts.

Finding Jesus

First Look: Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, For...

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We’re excited to announce CNN’s second season of Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery. The hit series which premiered last year captivated our faith community as

The Eleventh

First Look: The Eleventh – A New Tele...

May 03, 2016Comments off

“The Eleventh” premieres this Thursday, May 5 on Feeln, the SVOD service of Hallmark Cards (https://www.feeln.com/). American TV icon Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch, Dancing

The Story of God

TV Series Review: The Story of God with Mor...

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National Geographic Channel premieres the new documentary series, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, April 3, 2016. It will air over the course of

First Look: Spy House Productions, Gunderse...

Jan 25, 2016Comments off

Spy House Productions and Gundersen Entertainment announce today the highly-anticipated release of the next volume of Owlegories™, the all new gospel-centered animated DVD series and

The Story of God-Press Release

Jan 19, 2016Comments off

Who is God? Where did we come from? Why does evil happen? What happens when we die? Every human being on earth has asked themselves

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