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Hollywood Goes Green

Dec 14, 2008Comments off

I’m sure many people think Hollywood is full of tree lovers who drive Priuses. Well, that may describe some of us, but Hollywood is

Quantum of Solace

Nov 02, 2008Comments off

Quantum of Solace promises to unleash the full weight of Bond on a world full of fear and pain, with the pain of his fists

The Web and The Law

Sep 13, 2008Comments off

High-profile lawsuits aside, you can get just about anything you want online, quickly and safely, so long as you employ a little common sense and

2008 Fall TV Lineup

Sep 07, 2008Comments off

Tired of retreads? The result of the writers' strike offers up a fantastic blend of shows for your viewing pleasure. Here are twenty reasons to

The Church in the Crucible

Aug 31, 2008Comments off

Jesus' parable of the mustard seed -- a tiny seed which can grow into a plant large enough for nesting birds -- is an illustration

Movies @ HJ

Aug 24, 2008Comments off

November seems to be the early leader for entertainment and substance, with James Bond traveling through Australia on the Road. But stranger things have happened.

Film and Culture

Aug 17, 2008Comments off

So how about blockbusters and their directors? In the absence of an objective standard tying directors with audiences, directors' personal visions are the only governing

Beijing Olympics

Aug 03, 2008Comments off

The IOC states that they are a sporting and not a political association and can't be expected to solve the world's problems. Somehow, this strikes

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