Album Review: Beatitudes

Album Review: Beatitudes

Jun 22, 2017Comments off

GRAMMY-nominated, Dove-Award winning musician and producer Stu Garrard (guitarist/songwriter for Delirious?) invited many of today’s top Christian/worship music recording artists to collaborate on Beatitudes, a remarkable

Words from the Hill, Stu Garrard

Book Review: Words from the Hill, Stu Garra...

Jun 19, 2017Comments off

Recently, while reading through the book of Matthew with my children, I paused at the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-10). I knew the words Jesus spoke from

Movie Review: Cars 3

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

‘Cars 3’ Revs Up Emotional, Poignant Story Pixar’s latest talking-vehicles installment returns to its roots with good clean fun, as well as dazzling animation Pixar’s

Movie Review: 47 Meters Down

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

In a summer full of epic super hero showdowns and animated antics comes a rather simple, straight forward movie about survival. 47 Meters Down isn’t

Movie Review: Cars 3

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

Time is the one thing no one can out race; not even Lightning McQueen. Time eventually catches up with us all; eventually we all age,

Movie Review: The Mummy

Jun 09, 2017Comments off

The “Marvel effect” continues to influence the way movies are made. The latest case-in-point is Universal’s Dark Universe. If you haven’t already heard, this will

App Review: SmartFeed

App Review: SmartFeed

Jun 08, 2017Comments off

The final school bell rings announcing both summer break and the start of the screen battle between parent and child. Kids fight for time for Netflix

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Jun 02, 2017Comments off

Inspiring. That’s a big part of what we need our heroes to be. Oh, I know there’s a lot of talk about truly good heroes

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