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Top 11 Children’s Books About Bible Basic...

May 31, 2018Comments off

Teaching our children about the Bible is so important. As a parent, this task can sometimes seem overwhelming. Luckily there are so many great resources

Top 8 Marvel Movies

Top 8 Marvel Movies

May 29, 2018Comments off

Avenger’s: Infinity War recently released in theaters on the tails of Black Panther. After two major Marvel movie successes, the conversation around Marvel movies is

7 Best Television Shows of 2018 So Far

May 25, 2018Comments off

Television shows these days can be hit or miss. Some are amazing and will be shows that you’ll watch over and over even after they

Top 10 Quotes From The Greatest Showman

May 21, 2018Comments off

The Greatest Showman released in theaters in December 2017. It was a box office hit and was raved about by most of its viewers. This

11 Great Books for a Book Club

May 16, 2018Comments off

Where are all of the book club lovers? Today on our list we have 11 books that rank among the top of the charts for

Top 9 Movies with Great Scenery

May 13, 2018Comments off

A movie is more than just a story. So much goes into making a movie great. Things like costumes, writing, production are all important in

8 Great Spotify Playlists for When You Need...

May 10, 2018Comments off

It is almost the weekend and I don’t know about you but I’m dragging. We’ve almost made it through the work week but I imagine

Top 10 Books To Listen to on a Road Trip

May 07, 2018Comments off

Some people love road trips. To others, any length of time in a car sounds like torture. Whether you love them or hate them, we

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