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Chronicles of Narnia

Oct 16, 2011Comments off

Gresham: "If you're aware Walden's contract with the [C S Lewis] Company has expired, that's true. ...for a variety of reasons, we cannot immediately produce

Chronicles of Narnia

Oct 15, 2011Comments off

I am at present listening to a live interview with Doug Gresham on Middle-earth Radio. Mr. Gresham confirmed the rumor that Walden Media's option for

Chronicles of Narnia

Oct 14, 2011Comments off

On Saturday, October 15th at 12PM noon/1PM Eastern Time, Middle-earth Network Radio will have the honor of interviewing Douglas Gresham. Gresham is the stepson of

Chronicles of Narnia

Aug 23, 2011Comments off

I learned recently Paul Martin from has set up a store where you can buy Narnia-themed T-shirts. Click through for details.

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Tr...

Aug 10, 2011Comments off

Voyage of the Dawn Treader's Home Entertainment performance boosts quarterly profits for News Corp.

Chronicles of Narnia

Aug 08, 2011Comments off

This morning,'s "glumPuddle" filed an Op-ed video on the website. There has been a news drought about the Walden Media Narnia series for over

Hobbit, Narnia, and Harry Potter News

Jul 25, 2011Comments off

There is an article on the BBC News website that will be of interest to fans of JRR Tolkien, C. S. Lewis… and Harry Potter.

The Lion Awakes

Jul 15, 2011Comments off

Presented by the C. S. Lewis Society, with Lewis' step-son Douglas Gresham on board as Creative Consultant, hopefully this film will present a more accurate

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