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Chronicles of Narnia

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In order for a studio to green-light a project, many factors need to come together. Securing funding is only one piece of the puzzle. It

The Lion, the Professor and the Movies

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There is probably no one better qualified than Mark Joseph to write a book about how The Chronicles of Narnia finally got made into a

The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader

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Carl McComan's The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader: Spiritual Lessons from C. S. Lewis's Narnia is definitely profitable for anyone looking to find

Paul Poulton: Affected

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If anyone was looking for songs for a “Dawntreader Music” CD, I would like to recommend "What a Trip" by Paul Poulton from his album,

Chronicles of Narnia

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Andrew Townsend shares some pictures from places which may have influenced C S Lewis's works. "...we do have a quote in a letter from Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the...

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You and I have a list of things that we wished had been there... As you said, everyone has their favorite part that they wish

Inside Narnia

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Aslan is behind all of our stories, right?

Narnia Night

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...that here they are at a point in life where they need a teacher, and there’s not someone there to kind of give them the

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