13 Reasons Why

TV Series Review & Interview: 13 Reaso...

May 04, 2017Comments off

I have been paying attention to the discussions on social media about the Original Netflix TV series, 13 Reasons Why and felt that it was

Interview with The Promise Producer Ralph Winters

Interview with The Promise Producer Ralph W...

Apr 19, 2017Comments off

The Promise hits theaters this week with hopes to not just entertain but also inspire viewers. Chris (played by Christian Bale) and Michael (Oscar Issac)

Mandy Majors, TALK

Author Interview: Mandy Majors, TALK: A Pra...

Mar 01, 2017Comments off

I’d like to introduce you to Mandy Majors, founder of nextTalk, an online support group for parents. If you have children, I suggest you head

Priceless Movie

Interview with Joel Smallbone of for King &...

Feb 14, 2017Comments off

Priceless, on DVD/On Demand, releases today, February 14th, on Valentine’s Day. I was honored to spend some time talking with Joel Smallbone from for King


Author Interview: Jill Richardson – H...

Sep 20, 2016Comments off

Jill Richardson released her book, Hobbits, You, and the Spiritual World of Middle-Earth, in 2013. She is hosting a fun and unique release party on Facebook,

Come to the Garden On Stage!

Interviews with Jennifer Wilder Morgan ...

May 02, 2016Comments off

Based on Jennifer Wilder Morgan’s Newest Book, Come to the Garden – On Stage! hits select U.S. cinemas on May 3rd. Fathom Events and Eakin


Interview with Director Rick Stevenson of M...

May 02, 2016Comments off

On Thursday, May 5th, a new series called Millennials will premiere on Ovation. The series follows twenty-two kids for fifteen years as they are individually interviewed

Interview with Sadie Robertson, God’s...

Mar 29, 2016Comments off

I had the sheer joy of interviewing Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty about her latest role in the upcoming movie, God’s Not Dead 2. Let

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