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The Hobbit

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Mr Jackson, could I have a word in your ear? It’s about etiquette. I don’t know where your dwarves were brought up, but I would

The Hobbit

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For those of you who have only read The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, let me explain that The Quest of Erebor (Erebor

The Hobbit

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I always liked Billy Connolly as a comedian. I hope he can do a look for Dain that gets across the seriousness of the situation.

The Hobbit

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Hence, Bilbo is in a very difficult situation, but true to his character development, he does not give up. He has realised on this adventure

The Hobbit

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I would like to suggest that there is another dimension to Tolkien’s characterisation in the way he portrays talking beasts. He does more than

The Hobbit

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Bard certainly had a sense of foreboding, but he showed no desire to become famous after death by throwing his life away. We might describe

The Hobbit

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The situation seems to be getting out of hand as far as personal morality is concerned, but thankfully things can be turned around if Bilbo

The Hobbit

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To the uninitiated into Tolkien’s mythology, Dragons may be a source of fun, but once you have entered the secondary reality of Middle-earth, they

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