Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nov 24, 2008Comments off

Just how exciting is the city life? Not quite as exciting as I was hoping. Also, I have a warning about in-town flea markets.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nov 22, 2008Comments off

You won't believe what happened to me today. It was a complete disaster. You've been warned.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nov 19, 2008Comments off

Today I find a surprise on the beach, and I finally pay off my house's mortgage, which isn't all that great. Also, I enjoy some

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nov 17, 2008Comments off

Today I take my first trip to the City to see what it has in store, plus I find a neat surprise along the beach

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nov 16, 2008Comments off

In my first Animal Crossing Diary entry, I share my adventures as I move into my new town, meet my new neighbors, and start a

E3: Animal Crossing – City Folk

Jul 15, 2008Comments off

Everyone was hoping to see Animal Crossing at this year's E3, but I think we were all hoping to see a different Animal Crossing; not

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