Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Jul 07, 2013Comments off

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the best entry in the series so far, and a fun game that the whole family can enjoy. The only

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Mar 26, 2009Comments off

Nintendo has some surprises for you, but you need to check your mail.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Jan 14, 2009Comments off

The new bridge for Bat-Cave is finally complete, and so are many of our fossil collections. Yes friends, life is good in Bat-Cave.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Jan 05, 2009Comments off

Life gets back to normal in Bat-Cave, with a few new improvements.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Jan 02, 2009Comments off

It's whole New Year full of promise and potential, but unfortunately, that means all my decorations have to come down and leave my room feeling

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Dec 29, 2008Comments off

It's Christmas time in Bat-Cave; what fun! We had a visit from a surprise guest and had plenty of snow. Yet, there was something lacking

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Dec 20, 2008Comments off

Today I discover how snowballs are formed; it's actually rather shocking. Also, Bat-Cave gets a wonderful little surprise in the sky.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Dec 17, 2008Comments off

I finally make a trip outside of Bat-Cave to another town, a lovely town, a town that I thought was better than mine; and then

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