Video Game Review: The Aetherlight

Aug 31, 2016Comments off

  The Aetherlight video game is a new interactive game that can be downloaded to your computer. “Once a beautiful land, Aethasia is now covered

All Aboard the Hype Train: How Our Pop Cult...

Nov 17, 2015Comments off

“all aboard” it is what they say about hype trains,, perhaps you’ve heard (when ppl are excited.. anticipatory. salivating. for [insert general pop culture phenomena

All Aboard My Top Five E3 2015 Hype Trains ...

Jun 16, 2015Comments off

earlier this year, i wrote a thing called “Thank God for Video Games” in it, i said that games are one of those earthly good

Bloodborne & H.P. Lovecraft & How A...

Apr 16, 2015Comments off

i’m sitting here as i write this with my Bloodborne character sat in a corner, his sinister resonant bell chiming, waiting to invade another player’s

Thank God for Video Games

Feb 17, 2015Comments off

where is this place? what will happen? can i do it? . . ah, the thrill of the challenge of the adventure of it! ah, the story to be told!

My Personal Best of Media – 2014 Edit...

Jan 13, 2015Comments off

that’s right. below are some quick thoughts on my personal “Best of 2014,” so to speak, when it comes to books, music, movies, TV and

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island

Jan 01, 2015Comments off

What would you say about a game that hasn't had any major issues, hasn't needed a bunch of bug fixing updates, and has some high

Madden NFL 15

Sep 12, 2014Comments off

After a particularly poor showing last season, Madden 15 gets the franchise headed in the right direction for a new generation of consoles.

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