Movie Review: Cars 3

Jun 16, 2017Comments off

Time is the one thing no one can out race; not even Lightning McQueen. Time eventually catches up with us all; eventually we all age,

App Review: SmartFeed

App Review: SmartFeed

Jun 08, 2017Comments off

The final school bell rings announcing both summer break and the start of the screen battle between parent and child. Kids fight for time for Netflix

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Jun 02, 2017Comments off

Inspiring. That’s a big part of what we need our heroes to be. Oh, I know there’s a lot of talk about truly good heroes

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean R...

May 26, 2017Comments off

Captain Jack Sparrow would often tell his cohorts to “wait for the opportune moment.” Well, perhaps he should have taken his own advice because I

Album Review: Out of the Dark, Mandisa

Album Review: Out of the Dark, Mandisa

May 19, 2017Comments off

Tune into any Christian radio station, and you will soon hear Mandisa belting out, “You’re an overcomer! Stay in the fight to the final round.”

Movie Review Champion

Movie Review: Champion

May 17, 2017Comments off

Dirt track racing churns up the drama in the new faith-based film Champion. Champion depicts race car driver Sean Weathers’ journey following a tragic on-track accident

13 Reasons Why

TV Series Review & Interview: 13 Reaso...

May 04, 2017Comments off

I have been paying attention to the discussions on social media about the Original Netflix TV series, 13 Reasons Why and felt that it was

Interview with The Promise Producer Ralph Winters

Interview with The Promise Producer Ralph W...

Apr 19, 2017Comments off

The Promise hits theaters this week with hopes to not just entertain but also inspire viewers. Chris (played by Christian Bale) and Michael (Oscar Issac)

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