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Deep River

Apr 27, 2010Comments off

The western mind, which likes everything wrapped in nice, neat packages, is not comfortable when things are not resolved – when there are unanswered

The Chosen

Apr 13, 2010Comments off

What is it like growing up in an ultra-conservative home? Can people with strongly differing viewpoints get along? Is there more than one "right" way

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Mar 31, 2010Comments off

Religion and society seem to gravitate from one extreme to the other. On one side are societies that are all about control – everyone is

Of Mice and Men

Mar 16, 2010Comments off

The scene at the end of the book is foreshadowed earlier. It leaves the reader with the feeling that people are no different than animals,

Fear and Trembling

Mar 03, 2010Comments off

Faith, Kierkegaard says, involves the paradox that "the single individual is higher than the universal." Faith involves a personal connection with God, and the individual's

The Gospel According to Lost

Feb 12, 2010Comments off

Jesus was the first to captivate large audiences by telling stories about those who have lost their way... a lost sheep, a lost coin, and

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Feb 05, 2010Comments off

This past decade saw the first black coach to win the Superbowl, and first black elected as President of the United States. On the surface,

Watership Down

Jun 18, 2009Comments off

"Isn't that a book about rabbits?" This seems to be the reaction of most people when Watership Down is mentioned. The thought is that this

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