This Whole Caitlyn Jenner Thing? Gawkery Ep...

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[begin my adding to the noise] i’m going to talk about this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing, but concisely. it’s been given enough break-the-internet style attention,


Christian heroes in mainstream comics?

In The Push For Diversity in Comics…W...

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I’m going to start this out, so that it is said from the start, I have no problems with diversity in comics. Let me reiterate

There’s No Big Deal Between Black &am...

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they take the “no big deal”ness (understandably un-nuanced and sweetly naive though it be) *for granted* . . they’ve learned it at school like letters, absorbed it from the

Black Or White

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Kevin Costner ponied up his own money to see this movie made about race, grief, and what it takes to raise a child.

American Sniper

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As a doctor later implies to Kyle, there are things you can’t unsee. Whether it’s who he kills or who he watches die around him,


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When the chips are down, the Forms are forced to face the reality that it’s not all about the safe suburban storybook life they’ve created.


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A second look, a deeper respect. Angelina Jolie's cinematic take on Louie Zamperini's life is well worth seeing.

DVD Roundup 1/6/15

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Movies and TV on DVD begin to flood in the New Year with horror, action, and a biopic leading the way.

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