Ocean’s Thirteen

Jun 11, 2007Comments off

These actors (and their characters) are “in it to win it,” and the last time, they lost. They lost our attention (a third of the

Knocked Up

Jun 10, 2007Comments off

So, for all the people who want to whine about the filth and raunch and whatever else of Knocked Up and movies like it, I

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s ...

Jun 01, 2007Comments off

Captain Jack Sparrow would love nothing better than to sail the seas forever as an immortal pirate. Captain Barbossa and his crew would like to

Third Watch

May 16, 2007Comments off

Third Watch tends to apply a reverse perspective to theodicies, one that I can't say that I've heard anywhere else. Let me give you an

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

May 16, 2007Comments off

With themes involving fathers and sons (unlike other Star Treks, Captain Sisko had a son, the relationship between them being a key dynamic

House vs. Medical Investigation

May 16, 2007Comments off

We have a love and fascination with our doctors. The medical drama is part of a longstanding tradition and one third of the trinity

Battlestar Galactica: The Mini-Series

May 16, 2007Comments off

For such a sci-fi hardened show, Battlestar Galactica, much like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is undergirded by religious thought.

Tomb Raider

Apr 27, 2007Comments off

Not only is Tomb Raider a fun game with pretty graphics, it also has some lessons that we can learn as well. Now I know

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