All Aboard the Hype Train: How Our Pop Cult...

Nov 17, 2015Comments off

“all aboard” it is what they say about hype trains,, perhaps you’ve heard (when ppl are excited.. anticipatory. salivating. for [insert general pop culture phenomena

Ex Machina & Chappie

Ex Machina & Chappie Ask: What’s ...

Oct 29, 2015Comments off

the other weekend, i saw Ex Machina and Chappie – two (excellent) movies i’d been meaning to see, and only saw in proximity inadvertently, but

Stewart, Orwell & God – Three Pea...

Aug 09, 2015Comments off

[fyi: a smidge of mature language ahead] i loved The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for lots of reasons . . probably a lot of

Why Christians Should See Trainwreck (and O...

Jul 22, 2015Comments off

years ago, i coined the term “raunch parable” . . i used it to describe admittedly, purposely dirty movies that not only nevertheless contained a

What Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck Says Abou...

Jul 01, 2015Comments off

as a teenager, i listened to rap music almost exclusively . . its sound so dominated my life, that i remember hearing “Smells Like Teen

Orange Is the New Black: Cons & Pros

Jun 22, 2015Comments off

it’s pretty hip to dig Orange Is the New Black right about now . . it’s got that maximum security buzz . . but guess

All Aboard My Top Five E3 2015 Hype Trains ...

Jun 16, 2015Comments off

earlier this year, i wrote a thing called “Thank God for Video Games” in it, i said that games are one of those earthly good

Eternal Summer: Thankful Thoughts on the Fi...

Jun 11, 2015Comments off

the final episode of Disney’s cartoon Phineas and Ferb airs June 12th . . the “end” of their perpetual TV summer and it feels end-of-an-era

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