Book Reviews: Three Books by Sue Moore Donaldson

October 24, 2017
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In her book Come To My Table, Sue Moore Donaldson brings together the concept of God’s hospitality and yours. She alleviates fears and answers questions about being a hospitable host. She speaks about topics including the challenges of being a host, how to get started and how to host like God expects us to. 

She also correlates her vision with the parts of God’s hospitality which we may sometimes overlook. By reviewing his welcome, open arms, the invitation he has extended to us and the example he provides, Sue really ties all the much-needed details together. In this book, she really shows how hospitality is biblical and not just trendy. 

There are also a few tips and tricks, recipes and theme ideas for inspiration. Being hospitable does take a lot of work, but it is also a great way to share the love of God and all he has laid out for us. It is a natural way to share faith with friends and family, without the pressure of a corporate setting. Her ideas for a power brunch for Christmas shoppers and a “New Leaf Luncheon” are my personal favorites.



As If her hospitality book wasn’t amazing enough, her next book  Hospitality 101: Lessons From the Ultimate Host is a twelve-week bible study which incorporates and teaches us the love of God through his ultimate hospitality. In this bible study, Sue steps inside the invitation we have been offered from the God of the universe.


She focuses on three “entrees”- Forgiveness, Relationship and Intentional Living.

Forgiveness~ freedom from guilt

Relationship~love beyond reason

Intentional Living~purpose beyond this world.

Also filled with scriptural text for reference and recipes for amazing food and drinks, this book is a great comfort for those wishing hospitality was easier. It really walks us through the practice of coming closer to God so we may be more hospitable.


In her most recent book, Table Mentoring, A Simple Guide to Come Alongside, Sue Moore Donaldson walks the reader through the stages of learning how to mentor those guests.It is a simple, yet full guide to mentoring others in a time when they may need it most. Through scripture and personal experience, she directs us toward hospitality which is extended into beautiful and rewarding mentoring relationships.

“We are blessed to be a blessing,” she writes, “and God calls us to give to one another what He’s given to us.”



One of the sweetest bonus about this little book? The list of references in the back for mentors and mentees to add to their own personal library. There are also templates for bible study, mentor meeting time and personal growth plans. This small book is packed with powerful information, focusing on coming alongside someone right where they stand. It’s not just a quick read- this guide is a step by step walkthrough of powerful and emotional mentoring, guided by scripture and prayerful intentional relationship building blocks. On her website, Sue has included printable worksheets to help the process of mentoring move a bit more smoothly and for a record of where you have come from since you started on this journey. You can access them here.


Sue Moore Donaldson can be found at

She is a retreat speaker, Bible teacher, workshop leader and passionate about intentional hospitality. Sue shares her heart for hospitality and serving others in her books and on her website, which is packed with information and extras for you to enjoy. The necklace in the featured photo can be purchased there in the shopping section, linked below.

On her website, she has recipesshopping, her blog posts, and community.

Her books can be purchased on her site as well as at major book retailers.

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