Book Review: Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go? by Lauren Flake

July 13, 2017
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Lauren Flake has captured the inquisitive preschooler inside of us all.

Her latest book, Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go, is the perfect way to help a young child cope and understand a little about the death of their beloved grandpa. The artwork is soft, sweet and simple. The words are few, but enough for a hard conversation. Preschoolers do not need many details.

 I personally read this book to my granddaughter after my own father passed away a few months ago. At age 5, she connected with the story and the pictures. She has been taught her grandpa is in heaven, but she also has learned now that his legacy lives on.  She said, ” Mimi, I am not afraid of Papaw going to Heaven now.”  That is all I really wanted, for her fear to subside. ~ A. Dailey

The perspective of a child is not lost on me. I was surprised to find it also speaks to the adults reading it. It helps to simplify loss not only for the younger generation but for the older one as well. Often it takes that childlike perspective to grasp some concepts.

The author includes a heartfelt note to parents in the back. Also included is information for activities, resources, a parent’s guide, and scriptures. Having a guide to follow up is a great way to utilize the information, without becoming overwhelmed.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a simple and understandable way to talk about the death of a grandparent or loved one with their children. It is perfect for preschoolers yet can also be used to illustrate a new perspective for loved ones of all ages struggling with loss.


About the Author

Lauren Flake


Lauren Flake lives near Austin, Texas with her husband and their two preschoolers. Lauren has written this book as a companion to the book “Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go?” after losing her mother Dixie Benton Stucky to early onset Alzheimers disease. Lauren included some of her mother’s artwork alongside her own to bring the story to life. It’s an amazing tribute to her mother’s legacy, her children and her profound understanding of walking them through such a hard time while so young.

You can read more from Lauren and purchase her books by clicking here.

You can also acquire either of the books at her Amazon page.


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