Book Review: Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing

May 21, 2018
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Sally Lloyd-Jones author of The Storybook Bible released Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing in September 2012. With the massive success of The Storybook Bible it is no surprise that this devotional book is just as popular.

Jago, the illustrator who created the beautiful artwork in The Storybook Bible has come alongside Sally Lloyd-Jones for this devotional as well. The images are captivating and so well thought out. The art alone is enough to keep your attention.

The words Sally Lloyd-Jones has written from beginning to end of this book are beautiful and meaningful as well. This book is filled with gospel truth and sound theology. It inspired me as an adult reading through and I know will lay a great framework for the little ones we are reading it to in our home. It is a book any, no matter your age, can enjoy and learn from. I find myself excited to read it to my son each night.

This book is a great companion to The Storybook Bible and would be great read aloud and bedtimes and dinner tables. It is so important that we are speaking truth to our own hearts as well as to the hearts of the young ones God has entrusted us with and Thoughts to Make Your Hear Sing is such a great way to do that.

You can purchase this devotional book wherever books are sold. If you don’t have one already, go get yourself a copy!

View the book trailer below:

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