Book Review: A Gospel Christmas by Jennifer Moye

October 31, 2017
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Our Journey connecting Santa and his Elf to the story of our Savior.

A Gospel Christmas is a family-centered devotional bringing together the elements of Christmas back to the manger where the Christ child lay.  This twenty-five-day devotional uses the traditions of both Santa and the Elf to point children to Jesus. It can be the start of a personal journey for your family to re-center the focus of Christmas.


Jennifer Moye has constructed this simple devotional for families to enjoy the entire month of December. Each day’s devotion is based on actual events and discussions she had with her own family during this special time of year.

Jennifer says “With kids in tow it can be quite difficult to reign in the Holiday chaos of the Christmas season. Presents, lights, decorations, hosting family, and all the plastic stuff we spend an entire paycheck on can get out of control in the blink of an eye. As the holiday pressure grows you might wonder…

  • How do I teach my children the true meaning of Christmas in a world that calls it a holiday?
  • How do I keep all the fun and point them to our Saviour at the same time?
  • Is it possible to connect Baby Jesus, Santa and even that Naughty little elf?

Join Jennifer in this amazing journey to reconnect the dots of Christmas with your family.

Jennifer Moye writes at her blog here.

You connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.

A Gospel Christmas is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million.


The ornament kit used to inspire the book can also be purchased at here.  Tell them Jennifer Moye sent you.

Beautiful unfinished wood ornaments.

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