Book Review: Gospel-Centered Mom: The Freeing Truth About What Your Kids Really Need By: Brooke McGlothlin

August 15, 2017
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Often as mothers, we feel so much pressure. There is the pressure to provide a creative environment for our children at home, the pressure to teach them what they need to know in the home and outside, the pressure to provide the perfect Pinterest birthday parties and the list goes on and on. All of those pressures add up and leaves us feeling empty and less than equipped to be the mother we think our children need.

In her newest book, Gospel-Centered Mom, author Brooke McGlothlin speaks to those exact feelings. Within the first few pages of her book, McGlothlin reminds us that the feeling of not being enough is such a universal feeling among mothers.

“I have talked to countless women who feel that they’re failing or that they’re no strong enough, creative enough, spiritual enough, wise enough for the thing they most want to get right-parenting. But why? And how do we make it better? How do we become the moms our kids really need so we can make the biggest impact on their lives?

We need to learn to ‘Gospel ourselves’ daily applying the truths of God’s Word to our everyday lives. When we do that, so much of our insecurity and anxiety falls away. Our responses in those [difficult] moments is determined by what we believe, what we’ve been building our lives and our hopes on and the One we’ve decided to belong to.” –Brooke McGlothlin, Gospel Centered Mom

McGlothlin reminds moms that when we turn to the Gospel, our feelings of not being enough can melt away and we can be confident in our role of the mothers to our children.

As I read this Gospel-Centered Mom there were sections that I couldn’t highlight or underline fast enough. We all need truth spoken into our lives and Gospel-Centered Mom does just that. It is an encouragement that I would recommend to all moms.

Among the pages, you will find charts, bulleted list and practical application that are great tools in the day-to day of parenting. However, I also loved that the author offered more than just a long list of to-dos for my life as a mom. Brooke shares personal stories and experiences that make her book relatable and easy to read. When I set it down, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by all the things I was doing wrong as a mom. I walked away feeling encouraged and hopeful in my journey as a mother.

At the end of each chapter Brooke shares a “Hard Truth.” These truths are usually things that we would often rather avoid but she follows those hard truths with a “Beautiful Truth.” These beautiful truths take the hard truths and look at them through the lens of the Gospel and what God has said about the role He has placed us in as mothers.

At the end of Gospel-Centered Mom, Brooke has also put together a section of discussion questions for each chapter making it a great resource to use with a group of other moms. I would (and will) highly recommend this to other moms in my life. Pick up a copy for yourself and one to share with your mom friends. You won’t regret it and they will thank you!

McGlothlin is cofounder and president of Raising Boys Ministries and the MOB (Mothers of Boys) Society, an online community for BoyMoms. Connect with Brook by visiting her website,, or you follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Gospel-Centered Mom: The Freeing Truth About What Your Kids Really Need can be purchased on Amazon.

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