Book Review: Be the Gift by Ann Voskamp

October 30, 2017
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Be the Gift

Ann Voskamp


“Lifes not about growing your career, your bank account, your retirement fund, your platform, your status- life’s about growing your soul, “ said New York Times Bestselling author Ann Voskamp. “We can find gratitude in all things, learn to count the gifts and awaken to the fact that all is grace in our one brutal beautiful life. “


In this new book, Be the Gift, Ann Voskamp incorporates her sweetly simple black and white photos and some amazing blog posts, teaching us how simple gifting is. Gifts can be more than things- it’s about your time, your sacrifice and your love for others. The pages are filled with quotes, thoughts and her unique perspective on giving ourselves to others, even when we feel we have nothing left worthy of giving.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is “We will be known for our actual fruits, not the intentions of our imaginations.”  Stunning and powerful to make something we see as complicated so simple. Ann’s humble perspective is combined with her love for photography in this newest copy. She captures the heart of simple moments and weaves words full of grace and love throughout.

Ann asks some questions in the introduction which beg to be answered and fully points us toward those answers on the pages.

Will this (living in abundance ) bring what I am seeking?

                             “The only abundant way forward is to give ourselves forward.”

How in all this world do you live with your one broken heart?”

                              “…the healing secret of what to do with your one broken heart: give it away, because this is

                                 how you begin to heal.”


Everything in this book points to giving of ourselves in ways we could only imagine doing. It will be a revolutionary way for some of us to think and act. Finding fulfillment and substantial actions to share ourselves and our gifts with others is crucial, especially in broken moments and heart-wrenching times. Acquiring the ability to share our broken places is the best way to start the healing process. Allowing others into our space when we feel we aren’t able is the biggest gift we can provide for those who are hurting like we are, yet afraid to move forward. The compassion and grace reflected in these actions ring true to the process of giving ourselves away, and Ann has captured this on the pages of Be the Gift.

Be the Gift will be a wonderful present for any of the readers on your list for many occasions. By focusing on gratitude, serving, giving and loving God, Ann Voskamp brings a message of hope to those living in the midst of brokenness and heartache.

Included are journaling sections for recording your very own giving thoughts and ideas. There are also gift tags which can be used when serving others with a meal or visit in their time of brokenness. In the very back of the book, there is an amazing checklist of ideas for giving of ourselves when we have trouble finding a way.

Ann Voskamp is a New York Times best-selling author of The Broken Way and One Thousand Gifts.  Her multiple books have frequently led us on a journey of hope through crushing brokenness. She writes from experience and wisdom. Her Christmas devotional The Greatest Gift is a wonderful journey, complete with options for making your own ornament-laden tree, and an available video for group Advent study.


You can visit Ann Voskamp’s  website at

There you will find printables, her books, her blog and other features.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Be the Gift is also available where ever amazing books are sold.

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