Book Review: Anchored In by Micah Maddox

September 25, 2017
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Anchored In

Experience a Power Full life in a Problem Filled world.

Micah Maddox is a Christian blogger and author who brings truth and love to everything she writes. She draws from her most significant life experiences (so far) in this powerful new book, Anchored In.


When you open Anchored In, the section titles immediately grab your attention.

*Past Power

*Present Power

*Potential Power

*Anchored In the Promise of God’s Presence

Micah ties these concepts together well. She uses her personal life experience to weave together a picture of what God’s power looks like. She shows what he is capable of at any high or low in your life. Each chapter begins with a scripture to set the mood for the words to come. Likewise, each chapter is followed up with scripture and a prayer over the words you have just finished reading. The total package is complete with a few questions to either study or simply ponder, allowing extra study and more immersion in scripture if you wish.

Micah Maddox has really put into words how the struggle with real-life situations can cling to us, and how much we need to cling to the Father for grace in dealing with them. Her ability to point us in a direction of forgiveness and humility is stunning. By sharing some of her personal story, she has made the reality of connecting with the power God has incredibly simple.

“Darkness is a distraction. It does not mean God has departed.”

This quote from the third chapter speaks to the wisdom and clarity Micah has about Gods power and sovereignty in her life. She writes about dealing with real trials and life stuff. She reminds us where to turn when things are a bit dark.

Micah Maddox

Micah Maddox welcomes you to her personal blog here. On its pages you will find resources for hurting hearts, and a Five Day Challenge to find Peace. Micah keeps an active speaking schedule as well. You can connect with her or make inquiries by visiting her page.


Her book Anchored In can be purchased at bookstores everywhere.

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