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Book Review – An Act of Faith #8 & #9 (The Ark)

December 17, 2015
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Faith 8 Faith9

The hunt for the Ark and what happens when it is found are the foundation of the 8th and 9th An Act of Faith graphic novels by author and illustrator Al Nickerson.

Nickerson blends superheroes, great storytelling and Biblical narrative into a seamless series of books that is sure to excite even the most reluctant readers. Professor Jack and his team of superheroes are on the search for the Ark that Noah used to rescue his family and the world’s animals from the great flood in Genesis. Some question whether or not the Ark really even exists and, if it does, should it be discovered? What if the Ark is supposed to stay hidden? What if finding the Ark isn’t what God has in mind?

An Act of Faith #8 & #9 are a two-part series about Jack, his friends, and what happens when they try to find the Ark. Best of all, they are a great jumping in point for the series. While the first seven books may reveal more of the story of some of the superheroes that are heavily featured in the Ark storyline, they are not necessary to understanding the story, nor is a lot of Biblical knowledge. The journey of Professor Jack and his family isn’t without danger, and Jack and his friends have to face their deepest fears as they search.

Nickerson does a wonderful job of telling his readers the story of the Ark, allowing these books to be great gifts, even for kids who maybe don’t know a lot about the Bible. Combined with  characters that are easy to relate to, even if they are superheroes, and highly detailed drawings. Graphic Novels live and die by how the drawings add to the story and the An Act of Faith series does not disappoint. Characters are distinct and unique, and the world they inhabit is crisp and fun.

Overall, I enjoyed An Act of Faith #8 & #9. They are a great introduction to the story of Noah and the Ark, especially for people who are not familiar with the story or who would be hesitant to pick up a traditional Bible and read the story.

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