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There is virtually no effort to distinguish the difference between good and evil in this movie, a trait that often times makes the horror genre enjoyable. Instead we see evil, against the individual who has little help or conscious. Many open-ended story lines are sure to open the movie itself up to a sequel. Hopefully if/and when those sequels come along there will be more of an effort to develop the characters of the story as well as incorporate a contrast to the evil presented in the film. Without some measure of hope, I personally find the horror form rather disturbing. If asking the right questions the disturbing concept behind horror can still be of value, but when scaring someone just for the sake of scaring them is the purpose, which I believe is the case in The Boogeyman, then I have little value for the form.
--Michael Furches

Alas, then the sun goes in again, and we are back in the kingdom of fantasy, where it is goodness that is flat and boring, and evil that is varied and attractive, profound, intriguing and full of charm.
--Malcolm Muggeridge (1903–1990)

Even in evil, that dark cloud that hangs over creation, we discern rays of light and hope and gradually come to see, in suffering and temptation, proofs and instruments of the sublimest purposes of wisdom and love.
--William Ellery Channing (1780–1842)


Evil is that which is contrary to the nature and will of God. Wickedness; the opposite of goodness; that which has been tainted by sin. The Bible does not reveal the origin of evil, except to say that satan was the first to commit it. The Bible does affirm, however, that God has it under his control.

1 Thes. 5:22
Keep away from every kind of evil.

Trailers, Photos
—Spiritual Connections
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