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The true story of a Christian theologian who gave his life to save Jewish people. This film is intended to spark group discussions.
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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg, in reference to this film, called Bonhoeffer a 'true hero' and said she is inspired by his actions. "There were so many people in Germany who just succumbed to the Nazi regime. You think of yourself living in such a society, would you have the courage, the bravery to do what this man did?" she asked. "Most people, like me, have been very lucky. We have not had our morals tested the way he did. And it's a question we ask ourselves: We'd like to be like Bonhoeffer, but could we be?'"

Click for larger photoBonhoeffer: Agent of Grace, documents part of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Widely known in religious circles as a brilliant thinker, speaker and writer, he also played a courageous role in the German resistance to Hitler in World War II, standing up for the rights of Jews. He reluctantly joined a conspiracy to overthrow the dictator, a course of action that would cost Bonhoeffer his life before he could marry his fiancÚ, Maria.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor and religious scholarI. He experienced the horror of Nazi Germany and he confronted it. Struggling between his Christian values and loyalty to his homeland, he chose to stand up against the Nazis. Bonhoeffer's story is one of faith and courage and moral responsibility. Issues that are just as important today as they were half a century ago.


Eric Till, who lives in Ontario, Canada, co-wrote and directed Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace. Till's PBS credits include Glory Enough for All, about Frederick Banting and the discovery of insulin. Till set out to bring to the public a story of someone who shows us moral action in a period of great evil. "I had often been fascinated by Bonhoeffer," said Till. "a man who, while having of course lectured and written a book about ethics, was confronted by a situation which just threw that right out the window and how he had to deal with it."

Ulrich Turkur, the actor who plays Bonhoeffer, not only looks remarkably like the subject but is also said to have a similar character. "The Germans were most anxious for him to play this part." said Till, simply describing Turkur as "a marvelous actor."

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace was presented the Best Film Award at the 40th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival, beating films submitted from more than 70 countries, including those by U.S. production companies such as MGM Worldwide, NBC Enterprises, Paramount Pictures and Sony Entertainment.

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