Bloodborne & H.P. Lovecraft & How Art Begets Art (featuring a log of my invasions while i wrote this post)

April 16, 2015
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i’m sitting here as i write this
with my Bloodborne character
sat in a corner, his sinister resonant bell chiming,
waiting to invade another player’s world

(Bloodborne is the latest video game
from my current favorite developer,
From Software of Japan,
makers of other great games
like Dark Souls – perhaps gaming’s GOAT
(Greatest of All Time))

(a sinister resonant bell is an item that,
when used in the game,
allows your character to actually enter,
without permission,
another player’s game world,
whereupon you may try to duel
that player or otherwise
lead him/her to a grim demise)

[at this point in writing this post
i invaded (and killed) some hapless fellow
who kept trying (and failing)
to do the
charged up spin attack
with the hunter’s axe on me)

and so i’m here to say something simple,
shortly, sweetly,
and that is this:

art begets art

how do i mean?

well, i’ve been a fan of this series of games
for some time . .
perhaps three-ish years . .
and during that time, the
art that is this series
has led me to other bits of art,
most recently the writings of
H.P. Lovecraft,
a huge influence on the world
of the games directed by
From’s President
(and the genius behind the series)
Hidetaka Miyazaki

[at this point i invaded the world
of a guy who seemed beatable at first,
until he R1 spammed me into a corner,
where my character, sadly, passed]

now, i had read some of Lovecraft before,
but it wasn’t until now,
drenched as i am in the
otherworldy atmosphere
of Bloodborne,
that i cared enough to
(again) pick it up

so i read “The Call of Cthulhu” last night . .
pretty cool . .
and its influence on Bloodborne –
with its “Cylopean vistas” and
alien terrors
and esoteric knowledge
that leads to madness –
is obvious and complete

i plan to read more Lovecraft

previously Miyazaki’s games
led me to an author named
Steve Jackson,
creator of a gamebook series
that i read a bit of with my kids . .
’twas pretty groovy

at other times, the series
has led me to other artistic influences –
movies, artists, music,
(ahem) fan fiction (cough), etc.

[invasion log #3:
host appeared to be attempting the
jump from the broken elevator
to where “mother brain” is . .
before i could encounter him
he failed the jump and i “won”]

so, to wrap up:
art begets art . .
when something is cool –
really, life affectingly cool –
it has the tendency
to so wholly consume,
that each sprawling tentacle of
its own artistic influences
becomes fair game
for your own consumption,
so as to assume
the thing more and more
completely within

it seems,
when we appreciate something
perhaps simply for how we are
when we interact with it,
that appreciation of art
easily evolves into something
akin to love

and when we love something,
we want to own it
and be owned by it . .
completely . .

[final invasions log,
all of which occurred while i
wrote the next/last bit,
revised and proofread, etc.:

a second ago, invaded someone who was
either AFK (away from keyboard)
or glitched out . . there but not there
(an unfortunate technological
byproduct of the wizardry that is
modern networked gaming)
either way, i slaughtered him mercilessly,
as a hunter is wont to do

after that, was defeated by a dastardly chap
in a top hat and spectacles

after that, won against a
person in the witch set
who wanted to fight in the
spastic confines of the
lantern room . .
won with zero quicksilver bullets
to spare :)]

in the end,
to me,
this impulse
to love and own art
is a spiritual one . .
hearkening back to
Edenic times,
Edenic longings . .
hearkening forward to
the time when all
things artistically awesome
will truly and obviously-to-all
live and move and have their being
in the ground of art and awe and all

now *that’s* a world worthy of invasion

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