This film really connects with us because it plays on our imaginations and on our own personal frightful images that have kept us awake.

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By Kat Bruce (16 )
with David Bruce

This movie was profoundly spiritual. 
It was not afraid to exploit our sense and belief in spiritual evil.
Heather Donahue as Heather.
Michael Williams as Michael.
Joshua Leonard as Joshua.

An Artisan Entertainment presentation.
Writers-directors-editors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez.
Producers Gregg Hale, Robin Cowie.
Executive Producers Bob Eick and Kevin J. Foxe.
Cinematographer Neal Fredericks.
Music Tony Cora.
Production designer Ben Rock.
Art director Richard R. Moreno.
Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes.
R, for language.
Blair Witch börjar med att tre unga studenter gör sig redo för en mystisk resa. De ska göra en filmdokumentär utifrån skolans lektioner i historia. Josh tar hand om 16mm-kameran.
--Bibel Sajten
Roger Ebert says: "At a time when digital techniques can show us almost anything, "The Blair Witch Project" is a reminder that what really scares us is the stuff we can't see. The noise in the dark is almost always scarier than what makes the noise in the dark. Any kid can tell you that. Not that he believes it at the time."
By Kat Bruce

     The movie begins with the three college students getting ready to embark on a mysterious voyage in order to film a documentary for a history class. Josh was in charge of the 16mm camera, Mike was the soundman, and Heather had the 8mm video camera. The 8mm was for their own personal use. With the black and white 16mm they filmed the documentary. Before leaving for the woods they interviewed locals (Burkitsville) about their take on the Blair Witch. Some gave witness accounts of the ghostly woman, while others said it was just another myth to motivate children to go to bed.

blair01.jpg (34615 bytes)
The Blair Witch Project is a "real" story of three students getting lost in the woods; not a "Hollywood" interpretation.  It is easy to relate to what the trio (Heather, Josh, and Mike) is going through when they are tormented by sounds in the night.  We all get a little antsy trying to figure out what sounds the night brings.  The group gets very paranoid at night, almost to the point of insanity.  Haven't we all had sleepless nights due to strange sounds? This film really connects with us because it plays on our imaginations and on our own personal frightful images that have kept us awake.  The film avoids mega-buck computer generated monsters which we may not connect to (think of Godzilla).
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      They planned to stay for two days and two nights in the woods. During which Heather and her team documented the historical sites, where the Blair Witch supposedly killed victims, giving narratives about the significance. One such place was a large rock that served as a torture table for seven men that were murdered by a "mysterious force;" in the late 19th century. Again, our imaginations go to work, like listening to an old radio drama. We create our own mental visuals.
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     Leaving the woods, on their way back to the car, they surprisingly get lost (of course). Heather insists on documenting everything with her 8mm, which causes bitterness between them. Josh and Mike beg her to turn off the camera in their moments of despair and frustration. Which is the reason why the whole event was captured on tape. Mike kicks their 'worthless' map in the creek because Heather is in a state of denial of being lost. The absence of the map tears the group apart. On the fifth day Heather wakes up only to Mike and not Josh. On the following sleepless nights they are teased with the screams of Josh. On the final night they find that the screams are coming from an abandoned house. It is here that the movie ends with the disturbing deaths of the other two students - again the actual deaths are in our own minds, never on the screen.

     The movie was profoundly spiritual. It was not afraid to exploit our sense and belief in spiritual evil. However, it is with its dealing with things spiritual that it develops a major flaw ---it lacks a sense of the divine. Spiritual evil dominates the movie. The only time they called on God was to blame God for their problems. "F*** you God," is the attitude of Josh. Cursing and swearing dominate the dialogue. The improv actors failed to study real life situations such as Littleton, Colorado. When students there were faced with the worst imaginable horror; they called on God. In order for evil to really work in a story there should be conflict with the good. Basic storytelling 101. Many of my friends came away from the film saying it was missing something. A sense of God.

WOW! Can you believe this film? Incredible!
It was made for 30 some thousand dollars.
And has taken in millions upon millions of dollars.
Such a
simple idea, too.
Use a "true historical mystery" like the Blair Witch,
and create a pseudo documentary movie,
low tech cameras and film making techniques.
No script! Unknown actors improved the whole thing.
No elaborate props. No CGI. No sound studios. No polish.
Promoted through the
internet and cable television to Gen-X!
What a brilliant idea!
My mind swims in various thoughts.

Already, a prequel and a sequel are in the works!
Imagine what the success of this film means... film students .... to other independent film makers!
There is hope! Movies don't need millions to produce.
I stand in awe of all that this film means and stands for.
Power has been returned to the people!
(Well... at least to some extent).
Needless to say, I am thrilled by this film. --Oh, I said that already.

This is simple story telling.
It allows the imagination to go to work.

It meets us at our deepest fears
It is like being a
child again,
afraid of the dark,
and hearing a strange sound.

We all believe in the supernatural, too.
We believe in God,
(although sometimes we like to think he isn't).
And we all believe in satanic evil
(although we wish it were not true, and pretend it isn't).
The film hits at these very beliefs and fears.
We try explain it away, avoid church, avoid God.
But, things happen that we can not explain and we wonder.
Truly, the supernatural is hard to avoid.

This is what the Blair Witch Project means to me.

Go see it with a friend and go for coffee afterwards
share stories about the supernatural.
And talk about your experiences with God.
This could be a great night for the both of you.


(From Church attendance in Littleton, Colo., has risen since the shootings at Columbine High. Many congregations report increased attendance among teen-agers and adults, the Associated Press said. "It's still like Easter Sunday every week here for a lot of churches, particularly in the Littleton area," Colorado Council of Churches Executive Director Lucia Guzman said. "Services certainly doubled in attendance."
...The April 20 massacre has changed people's view of life and death. "This was so unexplainable, so incomprehensible "you couldn't get your arms around it," resident Kathleen Gregory said. "When you have those times in your life you need an anchor, and the church is that anchor." She said she and her husband have rededicated their commitment to their church by attending more and becoming involved in social outreaches.

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000
From: teresa

My thoughts on this are that the people (mainly Christians) who compare this with witchcraft should get their facts right. It is about someone accuses of being a witch and got killed for it even though as it was every time in them days it was probably false information, Christians against witchcraft should always remember that Christianity came from the witch`s religion, even if the story of the three students is true you can`t blame the witchcraft, it is about a ghost and nothing else! If ghost do exsist then im sure there are Christian ghost too, and in all i think you people God bless you, well what is God gonna do? if he protects us all then why are millions of people starving and dying from millions of things like illnesses, you can`t blame God for anything that happens.Of course i still respect your views but these are mine so please respect them too.
Response: Thank you for your thoughts. Hating witches is wrong and burning them is an evil that God is not pleased with. So much has been done in the name of God against witches that is just plain wrong. In terms of the millions that suffer -I would site sin and human greed as the reasons -not God. There are many Christian relief agencies that work very hard at eliminating injustice , poverty, and starvation. Do you belong to a witch group that is working to relieve world hunger and injustice? When I was in Chicago, I set up low income housing, transitional housing for the homeless and we linked with many not for profit groups -Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, secular, non-religious, but I do not recall any charitable witch groups that were involved in this area of human need. I do recall a witch group in Chicago that had some historical agendas -which I did not find helpful in terms of helping needy people. Pointing fingers do little good. Sharing hands change the world. -David

Subject: tired of people saying the bwp is a movie, when it's a real nightmare
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000

im tired of hearing people saying that the bwp was a boring or a good movie.thats really sad. that people cant see that what happened in that documentary not movie was REAL.i saw it twice the first time i wouldnt hav believed it if i hadnt seen it.cant people see we live in a world where their are forces that can hurt and this documentary has shown can kill people that live in this world. those three student just didnt know what the had gottenthem selves into. they was being hunted by a spirit force that they couldnt fight back or defend them selves against.when i saw it i knew what they was up against and i knew the outcome. people better wake up and open a BIBLE and it will tell you itt is evil and wicked spirits in this world. and that is what was in the blackhills forest, an evil spirit.. didnt they hear when they saw the bwp the sound of children in the woods at night. and when josh was killed how they heard him calling them at night. and when they went into the house looking for josh, micheal was caring the vidio camera that was filming in black n looked like he fell then the vidio camera looked like it was levitaing by itself going down the stairs and you see mike facing the wall. people better wake up because in a minute before THE LORD JESUS come evil forces will be more worser than the bwp. so GOD BLESS. wake up

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000

IT TOTALLY SURPRISED ME. all the people, that thought the B.W.P.Horror, wasn"t real. im shocked. how can anybody that believe in GOD and the bible, believe that wasn"t real. who all saw the documentory not movie.and believe in THE BIBLE and don"t believe it"s true. i was TERRIFIED when i saw it. seeing those three kids go through that nightmare, was unbelieveable if i hadn"t seen it myself. didn"t anyone who saw it see it was something evil that was stalking them. the sounds of kids screaming at night, the tent looking like someone had surroundeed them and tried to crush it on them, with them in it. when they found that place where the trees had been made into symboles and things hanging from them. i knew it was something of pure EVIL. if only josh hafn"t cursed the name of GOD. i think things might have went another way.. he was the first to have something happen to. im not saying GOD did that to them, but they didn't even pray for GOD to save or help them. but cursed GOD'S name. then when he disappeared a daylater heather found the thing outside the tent took it opened it, and found a piece of josh shirt wrapped around piece"s of his bone"s, still bloody. and she didn"t tell mike. so she knew josh was dead, but kept answering to his voice. that was calling them. she should have told mike what she found. all the snswers to this will be answered one day by GOD.feel GOD one day wiill answer all unanswered question , when THE LORD recreate and make all things new. and satan and his evil foe"s pay for all the, heartache and pain, death and unrulingness he has caused. for thousands of years. thats what the blairwitch is, an evilspirit that will one day have to answer to every death and heartache it caused.. because i believe in GOD,who is the DEVINEJUDGE that will judge the wicked. but even though josh cursed the name of GOD. i know GOD LOVE"S, him and josh w/ both mike and heather will be in the NEW KINGDOM on earth w/GOD. to all the non believer"s, that think the b,w,p was a phony cheap madeup movie. why don"t go tell the families of the missing three kids, it"s all fake. and watch the pain on their face when they probly say, if it"s fake then where is their three missing children, and better yet ask a minister what do he think about what happened in those woods, if he"s he"s a real man of GOD, and really believe"s the BIBLE, he"d tell the non believers to read the BIBLE and the book of revelation or the certain parts of daniel and then ask their self what do they think the blairwitch is because i already know, i hope you know.
believers and non believers

Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000

By im a very spiritual person. i was led to believe that the blair witch project was true, but it wasnt. when i saw the articles on the internet discusing with heather and josh their roles in the bwp. my mouth dropped.i feel like a absolute fool falling for it.they discused how they was well looked after by crew members as the filmed the it was they crew that made those sound at night in the woods. and how the icing on the cake that they feel they really got people is,when josh diappeared. heather is happily living in los angeles and so dose josh. and micheal lives in newyork. i feel like a totall fool. they had their 1999 interview in the villiage magazine its on the net. i donot i repeat. I DONOT think it was as funny as they thought it was. i wrote in expressing how i thought people was ignorant for thinking it was a movie. i appologize to all because they was right. the legend of the blair witch is true. but those three actors was not in danger or lost. And it was josh alive calling them. but they just dont know what forces they was playing with. those forces even though they had that crew with them could have truly harmed even killed them. look at what happened to the people from 1782 on down that vanish or was murdered by the force that is known as the blair witch. they lucked up when they made their movie and made it out of the black hills forest. because others died in and around them.

Subject: Blair Witch Project = incredible filmmaking
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999
From: BJ

This is to "Carlos" and all others who got posted saying that the Blair Witvh Project was, well, in your words, "it stunk". Anyone who feels this way is obviously either uneducated and ignorant on the study and appreciation of film or simply brain dead. Heres what you do for a deeper appreciation of the movie. Go and rent it on DVD. Then watch all of the "extras", these include a documentary that interviews the "families" of the three students who die in the film as well as other very real feeling things as great appetizers or deserts to the brilliant movie. Then after you have watched all of them (including the whole film at least one time through), watch the movie again with the directors commentary. This great commentary from the directors reveals incredible insights about the making of the film and it also shows you the sheer brilliance of the actors and producers. My point: check it out on DVD and then lets see what you think. As for me, its one of the most intellegently made films of all time.

Subject: Themes
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999
From: Tenzil R

There are several points to be made.

First, I do not believe the theme of BWP is spiritual evil. It is a movie about the fear of the unknown to induce a sense of dread and fear. After all, the students do not even contemplate the Blair Witch(on any level) to be the source of their ill fortune until close to the end of the film. Evil does not dominate the picture in any real way.

Secondly, the fact that they do not turn to God means little. The movie is short with much footage left in the vaults. There could very well be footage of prayers or words of faith that did not make it into the film. Anything that derails the narrative does not help the flow of the story. Its not about evil so any scenes(if they exist) about faith are unnecessary. There is no need for counterpoint.

Next, the one mention of God does not carry any real weight. Frustration breeds many feelings and many people would hurl insults at anything that may be responsible for their plight. In fact, they do scream at imagined strangers/pranksters and each other.

Finally, the students could not take any lessons from Littleton. How could they? The film was finished before it even occurred. Even if the point is meant metaphorically it is a poor one. Think of the phrase "There are no Atheists in the foxhole".If two gunmen are shooting up my school and classmates I know many would turn to prayer of God but also anyone else that could be their rescuers. (Parents, teachers, Buddha, Allah, Mishkah the Mighty Moon Man) If God dominated Littleton...well its a strong religious community.

Ultimately, BWP is a movie about one thing: fear of not controlling the events around your life. It is not a movie with even a subtle spiritual evil theme.

Tenzil R.

I respectfully ask my e-mail address not be posted.

Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999
From: Carlos
this movie was the most stupid movie that i have ever seen in my life. when i was going to rent it i seemed it was a good and scary but it wasn't it was the opposite. then when we where watching it we all fell a sleep i thin even i could do a movie like that or even better then that with out having the skill that u guys got. we all thinking that instead of doing that movie u guys should do something better then what u guys did and com up with better things

November 7, 1999. All I can say is that I am glad I waited for the video to come out so I could rent the movie. Saved a bunch that way. This movie truly stunk. My wife and I started counting how many times the F word was used. If they are planning for sequel you can count me out.

November 1, 1999. I really enjoyed the movie , but there were many parts that I just could'nt believe due to the extreme explicitness of this film. When I went to see the movie , I was so scared to see what was goin to happen next th I could'nt even get up to go to the restroom. I really did not understand what happened to the man at the end of the movie . Was it the Blair Witch that killed the students or was it the other man that they talked about at the beginning of the movie when they were askng people what they thought about the Blair Witch?
I wish there was more information on this particular subject! The Blair Witch has really grabbed my attention and I plan to do more research in the future , but don't worry I wiil not be going into any woods!!!!!!
The movie had a very sudden ending , so what I want to know is how long was it after the first set of footage was found the second set found? Or is this just a money gimic like everything else is?

October 23, 1999 You know? The worse enemies of God are sometimes yourself. And when we are in deep shit, who do we blame? This show does show us that cursing God for a situation that is considered hopeless to us, is not helping. But an in depth search for the ultimate truth will also reveal to us, that we are seriously not in control of our life's, and we need someone powerful to do that job for us. It is either Satan or God through Jesus Christ.
You pick the remote controller operator of our life's. I picked Jesus. :> WILSON

October 22, 1999.I love a scary movie. One that makes your heart race and you find yourself looking around you to see if something is going to jump out and get you. I'm not talking about blood and gore, that's not scary. Any "horror" film can have plenty of disgusting shots, but true horror is when you make someone afraid. The Blair Witch Project did not do that for me, and I was terribly disappointed after hearing all the hype. I am impressed however with the ability of the three actors in the film who improvised dialogue and shot their own footage. They deserve many praises for their efforts. The movie did have a great idea behind it and the actors were wonderful even though their language skills (f*** everything) need a little improvement. But who's to say what we would all say if faced with a similar situation. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not just consider the possibility. Being faced with something that you have absolutely no control over and you don't even know what that something is. They did accomplish one thing which was make everyone ask................
do you believe?
Donna Warren

October 13, 1999. I personally did not find this movie scary (except perhaps by the bad acting). If one is to believe this movie, the natural way
humans express their fears is by incessant use of the f word and going through a week's worth of cigarettes in one weekend. No wonder the witch got so angry - all that cussin' and smokin' going on in her woods. It was basically a movie about rude, worldly young 'uns with no strong belief in anything but themselves running around messing with things they could not understand. I am glad to read these other comments about the overuse of the f word. I am not an easily offended person, but I was offended because of the gross insult to my intelligence as I watched this movie. I sat in stunned amazement as those around me discussed whether or not this movie was a fake. DUH!
I was sorry I went to this movie, and sorry that so many are deceived by such tripe.

September 17, 1999. I absolutely agree with your review of the Blair Witch Project. It was a film that depended on belief in the spiritual, but which completely ignored God (with the exception of one off-hand comment). The characters in the story gave themselves over to the belief that there could be evil spirits out to harm them without ever considering the possibility of good spirits they could call on for help. Your description of the film as a spiritual movie with something missing was right on. I do have one correction to make. You refer to the legend of the Blair Witch as a "true historical mystery." Actually, the entire legend was created and spread over the internet by the filmmakers over a year before the movie came out. Nobody in the town of Burkitsville had ever heard of the Blair Witch before the movie was made. Talk about creative marketing!

My response: Oh my gosh, ya know I saw the Sci-Fi Channel documentary that was aired just before the movie.  There was no indication that is made up. You are right when you say "creative marketing."

September 13, 1999. Not to diminish the spirituality that can be seen in the movie, but I've concluded that this movie was all about a Big Foot type creature. Oh, yeah, laugh now but wait 'till the newly signed sequel comes out! The primitive art was the defining moment for me. Much like cave dwellers used to paint pictures of their food sources, buffaloes, deer, etc. on the wall, the Yettie would create wooden images of it's favoured food source. How about the crazed lady with the Bible in here hands description -- very big, covered with horse hair even on its breasts ... if you stop and think about it, you'll see I'm right ;-)

We went to Blair Witch Project only because Sixth since was sold out and their was a lot of hype about the BWP. My wife which can't handle frightening films laughed during most of it and about halfway through it decided that she would start counting how many times the f*** word was used (since that seemed to dominate most of the dialog). In the last 45 minutes she counted 120 times, That's almost 3 times a minute. For us it is very hard to be entertained with type of dialogue...much less imagine anything spiritual. We were in a theater surrounded by teenagers that expressed great disappointment when it was over and many comments such as "what a waste". The only thing I got out of it was how easily we can be suckered by well publicized hype. Wait for the video, at least you wont feel like you wasted $ we did.

August 28, 1999. I saw the Blair Witch Project and, even though objectionable words and phrases  were excessive, I enjoyed it very much. It was an interesting movie  experience, the film to me seemed very realistic. It bugs me though there is  a lot of Christians out there that do say its an evil movie to see because of
WITCHCRAFT, there is not one bit of witchcraft in the film. Understand one  thing this movie is about 3 kids doing a project on the Blair Witch therefore  the title The Blair Witch Project, its not about witches and demons and  excuse my saying this to those who haven't seen it but if you listen  carefully to the movie it ends up just being about a man in the woods. If you haven't seen it, go and see it just don't focus on being scared, try and  listen to the words and what's really going on.
~ Jay ~ 18 ~

August 26, 1999. The Blair Witch Project is yet another example of an important principle I learned getting my MA in Mass Communications. Whenever our society gets too heavily involved in one school of thought, there inevitably arises a rebellion to that school. We have spent the last thirty years in a love affair with technology. And now we are starting to revert to the "old ways."
     I saw this coming years ago when "folk" music fell to the wayside. There was a period when it seemed almost impossible to find a good selection of acoustic guitars in many music stores. I "prophesied" at that time that we would see a revival of the "unwired" sound, and was laughed at.  But sure enough, the "unplugged" sound is back and stronger than ever. And I think the Blair Witch Project is another example of that same "pendulum" swing back toward an appreciation of the power of the natural over the impact of the special effect.
     Keep your eyes open. You'll see a revival of the traditional and the spiritual as well. We are just beginning to open our eyes to the fact that technology will not be the savior of the world that it has been painted to be.
-Ross A. Lakes

August 17, 1999.The Blair Witch Project. Brilliant marketing. Great idea. Average film. I love Hitchcock and love thrillers and I went in trying to not to fall into the hype that I was about to see "the scariest film ever made" or whatever else all of the critics said about it. And, the end result was that I just didn't get scared. Not once. The ending was disturbing, but could have been much more effective. There was a collective "That's it?" from the sold-out theater in which I saw the film. However, people seem to either love this movie or hate it. A friend of mine saw it and it scared her to death. She couldn't sleep that night. I thought it was interesting and original, but not very effective.
And I'm curious... since the creators of the BWP didn't write the script (the actors ad-libbed the lines) or direct the film (the actors shot the footage), just how talented are they?

August 14, 1999. Some friends and I attended the showing of Blair Witch last night, Friday the 13th, in attempt to scare ourselves. on our way to the theater I prayed and prayed that God would bind Satan and his emissaries from enticing the audience for his evil purpose. I'm not sure how God may have worked in each individual's hearts that night but I for one was on the verge of vomiting from all of the movements made by the camera! I probably watched half of it and listened to the rest and I was saddened that amidst the characters most frightened moments, not one of them cried out to God for help....~WaterPrincess


August 11, 1999. Pretty disappointing considering all the hype around the movie. BWP is scary at times but knowing it's not real when it tries to look real makes it harder to suspend disbelief.
     From a Christian perspective, I appreciated a thriller without the gore of most horror movies, which I do not watch for that very reason (there is something wrong with watching humans being mutilated for the sake of enjoyment).
     There is an inordinate amount of swearing in BWP which makes it difficult to really enjoy what little thrill exists, but I guess one would expect that from three college age kids whose vocabulary would fill a dictionary the size of a See Jane Run book.
     The ending could have been scripted to be much scarier. I was thinking they'd keep disappearing one by one. The final scene would have Heather inside the tent, then a noise outside, the tent rips open, the camera drops, and we hear Heather screaming for help as she's being dragged through the woods--by the Blair Witch.
     All things considered I say skip it or wait until it comes out on dvd-then watch it late at night.

August 5, 1999. I saw The Blair Witch Project this evening. Although I knew that it was a fictional film going into it, it was still powerful. Presented as a true story it would be terrifying. It is a pseudo-documentary of three film students who get "lost" in the woods in rural Maryland doing a film project about a legendary witch in the region.
     One of the things that has been missing in many reviews is the rapidity with which the three Gen-X film students descend into despair when faced with the inexplicable and the supernatural evil. There is no resource of a spiritual life with answers for these faceless demons. God never enters the picture. The students feel themselves to be autonomous and self-actualized.
     To me, evil is one of the greatest arguments for the Good and for God.
Kris Childress