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Tori Ten Hagen is married to her amazing husband, Austin, and together they have a busy, energetic little boy. She is a stay-at-home mom passionate about encouraging other moms on their own parenting journeys. When she isn't busy keeping up with her toddler, you can find her sipping on coffee, reading a book, or curled up watching a good movie. Tori also writes on her personal blog and you can find more of her writing at

10 Meaningful Devotionals for Men

10 Meaningful Devotionals for Men

Feb 21, 2018Comments off

It’s a bit more of a challenge to find devotionals for men because the word “devotional” commonly conjures up images of floral laden book covers

Top 13 Books Written By Athletes

Feb 20, 2018Comments off

The Winter Olympics are in full swing. Have you been watching? What is your favorite sport to watch? I am glued to the television watching

Album Review: Sound of Heaven

Feb 15, 2018Comments off

“What is the Sound the of Heaven? It’s the people of God. Us. It is our calling, in whatever arena, to be His light, His

9 Great Quotes About Love

Feb 15, 2018Comments off

Valentine’s Day may have been yesterday but that doesn’t mean that sharing love must stop. It doesn’t take long after looking at our media and

9 Christian Songs About Perseverance

9 Christian Songs About Perseverance

Feb 12, 2018Comments off

It is no secret that life is not always easy. We have all walked through hard times, trails and pain. Praise God, that He promises

16 Great Children’s Book With Meaningful Messages for Adults

16 Great Children’s Book With Meaningful ...

Feb 09, 2018Comments off

We all know them…the children’s books our kids love to read again and again and again. In fact, I would imagine that most of us

10 Television Shows You Can’t Stop Watchi...

Feb 07, 2018Comments off

Let’s be honest…we have all sat down searching for a new show to watch. It doesn’t happen often but every once in awhile you stumble

Top 10 Christian Music Playlists On Spotify

Top 10 Christian Music Playlists On Spotify

Jan 31, 2018Comments off

We are always looking for new music to have to play, whether it be in the car, while we clean house or just in the

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