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Kelly Smith is a small town girl who married a small town man. They have three children spanning preschool to teen. Her favorite indulgences are coffee, reading, writing, and running. Kelly believes we are created for community and loves to find ways to connect with other women who are walking in the shadow of the cross. She blogs at MrsDisciple.com.

Book Review: The Delusion

Book Review: The Delusion

Oct 21, 2017Comments off

Owen Edmonds is a typical senior at a not-so-typical high school. Eleven students at Masonville High School have committed suicide. Despite the media circus and

The Hypnotist's Daughter, Brittany Raaschdorf

Book Review and Author Interview: The Hypno...

Oct 06, 2017Comments off

What would you sacrifice to make your dreams come true? Brittany Raschdorf explores a dark Hollywood underworld in her debut novel The Hypnotist’s Daughter. Prosperity “Peri”

Angela White, Producer A Questions of Faith

Interview with A Question of Faith Producer...

Oct 06, 2017Comments off

Breaking many industry norms, the new faith-based movie A Question of Faith hopes to become a surprise hit among Christian filmgoers this fall. The film features

Movie Review: The Stray

Movie Review: The Stray

Oct 06, 2017Comments off

The opening scenes of many family movies begin the same–a stressed out parent at work and a sad kid at home. It keeps showing up

Mitch Davis The Stray

Interview with Mitch Davis, Director/Writer...

Oct 03, 2017Comments off

Mitch Davis’s life seemed picture perfect with a budding career in Hollywood and a beautiful young family. Beneath the surface, however, relationships were strained and

Movie Review: A Question of Faith

Movie Review: A Question of Faith

Sep 29, 2017Comments off

Christian films have the potential to introduce a biblical worldview to the conversations already taking place. The new faith-based film, A Question of Faith, does just

Ron Hall, Same Kind of Different as Me

Author Interview: Ron Hall, Same Kind of Di...

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

The New York Times bestseller Same Kind of Different As Me chronicles the unlikely friendship between author Ron Hall and a homeless man named Denver Moore.

Veggie Tales in the City

Big Idea Entertainment GM Leslie Ferrell on...

Sep 14, 2017Comments off

The Veggie Tales crew is ready for a new set of adventures with Veggie Tales In The City. The new season will stream on Netflix

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