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A self-described movie geek, Jeff Walls majored in Film Studies at the University of Utah. He also studied at the Seattle Film Institute, where he worked on short films in every capacity from lighting and acting to writing and directing. For several years, Jeff ran, and is now an official DVD-aholic. For more of Jeff’s writing, also see his full archive of reviews at Past the Popcorn, and his extensive archive of pre-PtP work at He also blogs about movies for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Men in Black III

May 25, 2012Comments off
Jeff Walls

The mysterious guys with the sunglasses and the dark suits are back once more to protect humanity from knowing that we are not alone. Too


Mar 11, 2011Comments off
Jeff Walls

The moral of the “Beast” tale is to not judge something by its appearance. Ironically, one of the least ugly things of the movie is


Mar 11, 2011Comments off
Jeff Walls

This is the first animated feature to be produced by special effects company Industrial Light & Magic, aka The House that George Lucas Built, and

Season of the Witch

Jan 14, 2011Comments off
Jeff Walls

All the while, Cage is spouting off cheesy heroic taglines when he’s not telling one of the least funny jokes I’ve ever heard. Usually

Due Date

Nov 07, 2010Comments off
Jeff Walls

Those who have managed to avoid the promotional materials for this film will probably be much more satisfied with the results as they’ll experience the


Sep 02, 2010Comments off
Jeff Walls

Trapped by a group of Russians who want their share (read: all) of the stolen money, the team of crooks must shoot its way out

Knight and Day

Jun 25, 2010Comments off
Jeff Walls

Sometimes a “spoiler alert” warning at the beginning of the trailer would be helpful. In this case, it’s not that the trailer gives too

The Karate Kid

Jun 11, 2010Comments off
Jeff Walls

It could have been strange to see a grown man beat up on a bunch of kids. But Chan instead turns the boys' aggressiveness

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