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Jason is a deacon in the United Methodist Church, serving as the Assistant Minister of Youth and Education in Lynchburg. He holds a B. A. in Religious Studies and a Master's in Christian Education. He and his wife blog about ministry, life, and film at

Big Eyes

Dec 26, 2014Comments off

One day she is visited by two Jehovah’s Witnesses. Something between the women clicks, and Margaret invites them in. As Margaret reads the sacred words

Interview: VeggieTales’ Mike Nawrocki

Oct 06, 2014Comments off

Kellie Pickler, the former American Idol finalist, has been told that she sounds like a cartoon character. In Beauty and the Beet, she is given

Mad Max (1979)

Sep 30, 2014Comments off

No longer is the screen dominated by dark leather and villainous faces but by sunshine, beaches, and bluejeans. Life is good. This change marks the

Madam Secretary

Sep 25, 2014Comments off

While disappointed, I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful that the show will step it up. While the pilot is not perfect, it does communicate a few things

Juno (2007)

Aug 28, 2014Comments off

Of course, the land of milk and honey does not have to be an actual, physical land. It can be a spiritual state of mind.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Aug 26, 2014Comments off

Despite these prophetic voices urging Will to move forward, change, and embrace his future, he is reluctant. Perhaps it is class pride; he does not

Beasts Of The Southern Wild (2012)

Aug 19, 2014Comments off

Despite its rough appearance, Hushpuppy, the six-year-old heroine of the film, thinks the Bathtub is the "prettiest place on Earth." Hushpuppy has a connection to

Heaven Is For Real

Jul 28, 2014Comments off

Wallace's images of heaven, complete with angels, were a bit too much for me. But the rest of the film, now out on Blu-ray and