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Greg is Managing Editor of the movie review site Past the Popcorn, and has written and contributed to a number of books. He is also a curator for Official Best of Fest.

Star Wars

Apr 03, 2014Comments off

In my first column on Star Wars, I argued that our starting place with the films should not be “How can I protect myself and

Star Wars

Mar 27, 2014Comments off

Easy answers are always terribly appealing, but are hard to find. If you’re familiar with the Bible, you may remember that many people came to

Star Wars

Mar 20, 2014Comments off

Those who claim the name of Christ should be intrigued by an analysis of the spirituality in Star Wars. Well, heck. Anybody should. “I realized

Spaghetti Westerns

May 06, 2013Comments off

Mercy is as out of place in his landscape as Leone’s dusters. This truth you will not find in Leone’s vision: God is found not


Feb 21, 2013Comments off

I'm a big fan of independent thinking... and even a bigger fan of anything that's at the opposite end of the Bloat Scale as Avatar.

Christians in Hollywood

Feb 15, 2013Comments off

One of the common complaints from Christians trying to get work in Hollywood is that the industry just won't tolerate people of faith. The notion

Alpha Males Experiment

Feb 12, 2013Comments off

To date, Alessi and Barsky’s oeuvre has been shorts; but clearly, they’ve not only been learning the ropes as they’ve worked their way up to


Feb 07, 2013Comments off

Watch the trailer, and read the press release that follows. Then ask yourself: Do you buy the new Snoop? Does the cynic inside you cry,

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