Issue # 5

Know Thy Enemy

February 9, 2011
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Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Whilce Portacio
Publisher: Top Cow/Image

Previously…Separately, thirteen powerful Artifacts guide the fate of the universe. Gathered together, those thirteen Artifacts will bring about the end of the universe. Hope, the daughter of Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini, was kidnapped by the cyborg assassin Aphrodite IV. Sara, Darkness host Jackie Estacado, and Angelus host Dani Baptiste have been joined by Artifacts bearers Tom Judge, Necromancer Abby Van Alstine, and The Magdalena. Meanwhile, their mysterious antagonist has brought together his own group of bearers, including Alina enstrom, Sabine, Mali, Glorianna Silver, and Ian Nottingham. Searching for answers to both Hope’s whereabouts and the impending threat, Jackie, Sara and Dani departed to confront the Curator. But the old man warned them it was too late, then literally exploded, with Sara and Dani trapped in his shop.

I continue my review of what has become a great comic book event. This second chapter starts where the first chapter left off: Sara and Dani survive the blast, but are left with the same unanswered questions. Meanwhile, the mysterious antagonist has sent Aphrodite IV to infiltrate the base of Cyberforce. The plan is to convince Cyberforce that Sara and her band of artifacts bearers are the bad guys. Meanwhile, the actual bad guys are sent to find the thirteenth artifact bearer, but all they find is an empty temple filled with dead bodies.

The introduction of Cyberforce is a good mix of Top Cow’s “spiritual” universe and “tech” universe. Eventually, I can see Hunter Force possibly getting involved as well. And as in previous issues, you get enough to know what is going on, but are left wanting more.

The interesting thing about this issue is the trust that Cyberforce puts into Aphrodite IV. Not only do they believe her, but they send her in first, where she is able to instigate a fight between Cyberforce and Sara and her group. I guess this happens to a lot of us. We prefer to just go with whatever some stranger tells us, and not verify facts first. Whether or not you believe in Christ, what you believe in should not be based just on what someone tells you. Do the research, figure out the facts, before you come to a decision. The great thing about God is that when you do this, His truth is revealed.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series. Five issues down, and eight issues to go. Great pacing within the stories has made this a fresh breath of air from your common superhero comics. Although switching artists within an event usually detracts from the story, here Whilce Portacio’s line art fits perfectly where Broussard left off.

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