App Review: Marco Polo

November 13, 2017
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Remember the days when you were young and played telephone back and forth with your friends? Or how about the days when you used walkie-talkies and felt like you were the coolest thing ever? Well, all of your childhood dreams have come true in adult smartphone technology. Marco Polo is available on both iPhone and Android and is a walkie-talkie video app. Chat back and forth with friends but in more than just a text message. Marco Polo is easy to use and really a lot of fun.

The video message app can be used in single conversations with just two people back and forth or it can be used as a group chat. This makes it perfect to chat with your closest friend or your spouse, but it also makes it great for a group conversation among friends, coworkers, or family. The videos stay in your group chat and do not disappear making it easy to return and watch old videos again. These videos are stored on Marco Polo’s servers and do not take up space on your phone’s memory.

Marco Polo has a few features inside the app that makes the experience even more fun! Filters for your video change the colors of the video you are making as you send it to friends. There are also a couple different voice options as well (i.e. robot, and helium balloon) making it hilarious for all, to create and watch videos in a voice different from your own.

As I used this app with my friends and family there were a few times I found myself receiving Marco Polo video notifications in settings where I could not play the video on speaker. Marco Polo has this issue covered. You can simply place the phone up to your ear and hear the video played through your phone speaker like you are talking on the phone. Not only can you listen to messages in settings where you need to keep quiet you can respond to the group using the apps text video feature. Simply click the Text box on the video and type your response for the person(s) you are chatting with to see. Never miss a moment of the conversation with these great features!

In those moments where you just really don’t want to send another text message, head over the Marco Polo app and chat with your friends face to face. It really is a fun experience and an easy way to keep up with the people you love.

Download the app today and start the conversation with your friends!

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