January 8, 2015
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Ant-Man CoverIt’s six months away, but why not start now? With the debut teaser trailer of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man, it seemed the perfect time for the release of a brand new Ant-Man comic featuring Scott Lang. Most comic fans know about Hank Pym and all his greatness (or not so greatness). Hank Pym is the inventor of the Ant-Man helmet that allows the wearer to communicate with ants, and of the Pym Particles, which allow someone to shrink to the size of an Ant while gaining an ant’s strength. He ended up using the technology to be a super hero and was one of the original Avengers. Those are the highlights of his life. The lowlights come in the form of domestic violence, alcoholism, and the creation of a crazy artificial intelligence named Ultron that is hell bent on destroying all mankind (unfortunately not how the next Avengers movie will portray it).

Enter Scott Lang, the new Ant-Man (in both comic and movie). We go down memory road in this comic as Scott tells us a little about his past. He’s a thief, and a very good one at that. After being set up, he did his time in prison where he lost everything. He vowed to change his life when he got out, and he did, for the most part—until his daughter got dangerously sick and the only doctor who had any hope of treating her was locked away in a private facility (against her will). For his daughter, Scott did what he does best, steal. He stole the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym and tracked down and rescued the doctor. Although his actions were wrong, they saved his daughter’s life and Pym let him hold on to the Ant-Man suit. He became a hero, spending time in the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and other teams. But for Scott, it has always been about his daughter. He doesn’t see her much so he tries to take advantage each time they are together. Which is why in this first issue, he’s breaking into Tony Stark’s apartment. Scott is in competition for a job as head of security for Stark Industries, but his competition is tough. He needs this, because his studio apartment is bare and his ex-wife demands he do better for himself if he wants more privileges with his daughter. So, after thinking he’s cheating (for noble reasons) he finds out that it was part of the test and earns his job. Part of the perks is Tony’s NY apartment as his own. He is finally turning everything around and will be able to spend more time with his daughter. That is, until he goes to tell her the good news only to find out mom sent her to Miami, because they are moving there. His life is now at a crossroads: take the dream job and visit Miami whenever he gets a chance, or follow his daughter.

If you don’t know much about Scott Lang, this is a great jumping on point, a crash course in who he is and what motivates him. To understand more about Ant-Man and the history of the “hero,” dig a little deeper than this issue. What I liked about this issue is that it took its time in letting us know about the man beneath the suit. In reality, Scott Lang is your average guy who can’t commit to anything and is always looking for the quick fix to get all his troubles squared away. I’m sure we all have come across someone like that. What makes Scott likeable is that for all his faults, trying to be the best dad possible is not one of them. We can admire that and this issue did a great job in bringing it to the forefront. In today’s world, it can seem as if guys like Scott are in the minority. It is a huge responsibility to be a father, no greater burden has the Lord placed on a man than to guide his children in the correct path. We can be great in our faith in all things, but if we fail in our home, it has gained us nothing.

If you are looking for something good to read that is a departure from your norm (and are willing to fork over the $4.99 price tag), pick up Ant-Man #1. The story is great for a #1 issue, and the artwork is top notch. Definitely recommend to fathers and those who want to be. Sometimes we just need a reminder that our children are our highest priority.

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