Angelus #4

Light vs Darkness

The breaking of ancient ties.

June 30, 2010
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Angelus4Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Sejic

The ages long battle between dark and light take center stage in the Top Cow universe. Dani Baptiste, former bearer of the Witchblade, is the new Angelus. The Angelus is a being who chooses a host, and then is locked in a never ending battle with The Darkness (a position currently held by Jackie Estacado). Usually, when Angelus chooses a host, it takes complete control. But with Dani, it’s different, she still has her free will intact. Hopefully this is something that Ron Marz will explore later on in the series.

This is the fourth part of the Illumination story. Dani is fighting Jackie after he attacks her in issue #3 without warning. He just figured, sooner or later they would fight, so why wait. Dani didn’t want the confrontation, but he forced the fight upon her anyway. Meanwhile, Sabine (an Angelus Warrior who has served the Angelus since the beginning of time), is planning on overtaking Dani. She does come to Dani’s aide, but only to not draw attention to herself (even though Dani suspects something). There’s a lot of action, coupled with the breathtaking artwork of Sejic. Ron Marz continues to amaze me with his story telling. It is so fluid and strong that even the secondary characters draw you in!

This battle, between light and dark, still exists. Not only between Heaven and hell, but within each and every single one of us. Take Sabine for instance: she reminds me of the Pharisees that wouldn’t listen to Jesus’ teachings for the fear of being replaced. They like their sense of power and don’t want to give it up. Sabine was that way. She so coveted the power and reign of the Angelus, that she was to blind to see what was really there. She was darker than Jackie himself, and poses a bigger threat, not only to Dani, but to the whole Top Cow universe. It will be interesting to see where it go from here, but if you’re looking for a solid comic to read, go and pick this book up, you will enjoy it.

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