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Anaconda is loaded with biblical images of the Garden of Eden and the book of Revelation.
Line from the movie: If you pray, pray.  If you don't now's a good time to take it up.

By David Bruce

Terri Flores: Jennifer Lopez,
Danny Rich: Ice Cube,
Paul Sarone: Jon Voight,
Dr. Steven Cale: Eric Stoltz.

Directed by Luis Llosa.
Written by Hans Bauer, Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr.
Running time: 90 minutes.
Rated PG-13 (for intense adventure violence, and for brief language and sensuality).

 Opening line in film:  "Alone among snakes, anacondas are unique. After eating their prey, they regurgitate in order to eat again.''
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This film is loaded with biblical images of the Garden of Eden and the book of Revelation.  The movie opens with a documentary film crew going into the Paradise of the Amazon Rain Forests in search of the People of the Mist.  But there is trouble in Paradise in the form of a snake.  The trouble begins when the crew picks up a stranded, evil ex-Catholic Priest, Paul Sarone, who comes across as an "angel of light." He also has a curious love for snakes.  The hero of the film, Dr. Kelly, has a death type experience from a poisonous wasp.  He is placed in his bedroom (tomb) and later, of course, has a resurrection and helps liberate the crew from the evil Priest and snake.
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Through trickery, Sarone convinces the crew to take a different direction up the river for their project.  His real goal is to find the mother of all Anacondas.  The crew finally catches on to his deceit, saying, "How dare you!  You brought the snake.  You brought the devil."   The film makes the biblical connection between Satan and the snake.  There are many biblical images of Satan in this film: Salone is bound (Jesus talked about "binding the strong man" in reference to Satan), the snake kills, steals, and destroys (again using the very words of Jesus in John 10:10), and then there is the stabbing of Sarone with a knife (in the Bible Satan is stabbed by the "Sword of the Spirit").   
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John Voight does a wonderful job of portraying   the voice of evil.  He is in effect the voice of the snake.   
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The film begins with images from the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and ends with images from the book of Revelation.  The snake is set on fire in the lake.  With the death of the snake and the "false prophet" Paradise is restored.  The book of Revelation ends the same way with Satan and the false prophet being thrown into the Lake of Fire and the restoration of Paradise.

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