All Aboard My Top Five E3 2015 Hype Trains (With Sweet Videos!)

June 16, 2015
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earlier this year, i wrote a thing called
“Thank God for Video Games”

in it, i said that games are one of those earthly
good things
that we are meant to enjoy (rightly)
and praise

well . . in that spirit . .
the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
is upon us this week,
and there’s no better occasion
than the industry’s flagship event
to indulge in and praise
goodness in gaming

mainly, E3 shows off the
newest and hottest upcoming wares,
and builds buzz for them –
starts hype trains down the track –
and E3 2015 is doing an
uber-fabulous job of this so far . .

so, without further ado,
here’s my own personal
“Top Five E3 2015 Hype Trains” . .
if you need me, i’ll be traveling
on these fresh locomotives
till the games drop

1. Dark Souls III

ask anyone who knows me:
the Souls series has become my all-time fave . .

from its intriguing lore
to its awesome risk/reward mechanics,
amazing level design,
unforgettable characters,
and spot-on atmosphere/tone,
i think these games are the
cat’s pajamas . . and the rest
of its whole wardrobe . .

as a Christian, i also respond
to their themes of light/dark,
death/life, good/evil,
fall/rebirth, etc.

bottom line: for me, the Dark Souls III
hype train couldn’t possibly get more hype . .
for me, it’s earned it

2. The Last Guardian

so this game’s been in some form of
development for like eight years . .
it was rumored for PS3, abandoned, revived, and
now set for PS4 in 2016

i could be skeptical, but i’m letting
the video above
do just what i want it to:
make me believe that the third game
in one of my favorite series
(the other two entries being Ico
and Shadow of the Colossus)
really is going to come out . .
and that it’s going to be just as
magical, elegiac and
spiritually nourishing
as the others . .

spiritually nourishing? indeed.
see “Princess Rescuers R Us” for more

3. No Man’s Sky

one thing that’s key
when it comes to new games is
innovation . .
this one’s got it in spades,
with its entire universe –
a universe so vast, that the developers
have programmed drones into it
to help with the mapping –
all procedurally generated
in a way that’s never been done before
in gaming

needless to say: i’m intrigued . .
and i’m also humbled by
the image of God –
here displayed in the
power of creation –
so clearly reflected in it

4. Shenmue 3

when the Sega Dreamcast came out on
9.9.99, my buddy and i bought one . .
i realize this dates me, but i’m not sad –
if i hadn’t had a Dreamcast, i couldn’t
have played the original Shenmue,
which was so cool, unique
and groundbreaking, especially for its time

it’s the OG gamer in me that puts this one
on the list . .
i’m psyched that the Kickstarter campaign
to get this off the ground is already
(waaaaay) off the ground –
it makes me look forward to
remembering some old memories
and making some new ones

5. Final Fantasy VII

once again, it’s nostalgia
that puts this one on the list . .

yes, i played FFVII back in the day
but i’m not really a big FF guy overall . .
i am, however, a big
remakes-finally-get-made guy . .
and (as above) a big
dig-the-future guy

and, really, isn’t that kinda
what E3 is usually about anyway?
nods to the past
with even more vigorous nods
to the future?
i think so . .
i also think:
there’s nothing wrong with that . .
in fact,
seems to me it’s a natural part
of enjoying good things
as good things

enough talk . . .

commence hype trains acceleration!

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