Album Review & Interview: Tim Timmons, Who I Am

September 25, 2017
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“I don’t do children’s music. But I have a bunch of kids and I was a kid once.”  says Tim Timmons, a father of four, as he releases his debut children’s album, Who I Am.

Tim Timmons’ newest project, Who I Am, is indeed intended for a more youthful audience but it is appealing to the young at heart as well. The tagline of the album states that it is “kid tested and parent approved”. I will also add “grandma approved”.

Who I Am is a lively Bible-based children’s album which came about as a result of Timmons’ 10,000 MINUTES movement and his personal life story. Timmons says, “There are 10,080 minutes in a week. We spend 80 in church. But what about the other 10,000? What if there was a way to invite the church to stop just doing church and start being the Church?”

Tim TimmonsHaving followed Timmons’ music for several years now, I have been profoundly moved and inspired by his story. In my recent interview with Tim, he was quick to point his story back to Christ. He quickly turned our conversation away from the sorrow of his cancer to the surrender, from the pain of an unsure future to the joy of the present. He explained that 16 years ago he was given 5 years to live. Even with four tumors on his liver now, Tim says, “I keep waking up every day.” This perspective of living a life of surrender on borrowed time is one we would all do well to adopt, illness or no illness.

Do you have a favorite cut on the album?
Timmons: Yes. I Surrender. What if surrendering in our sorrow could end up in joy?

Can’t stop what He started
Amen what’s done is done
His story is our story
And He has overcome

So I surrender
All to the work of your hands
I surrender all, surrender
(Tim Timmons, I Surrender, partial lyrics)

Timmons recounts a story in which his son was dealing with an issue at school. Another kid to be precise. As a dad, he said his initial reaction was less than compassionate. However, they began to pray for the situation and for the other boy. Timmons told his son, “I don’t know if our prayers will change him but I know they will change us.”

When I asked Tim who inspires his music, he mentioned that he appreciates rap, hip-hop and rock and roll but really “anything that disrupts the norm and invites you into the difference.” He named the likes of David Wilcox and Keith Green.  Timmons further explained that his children inspire him as well. “If my kids hear something in my studio and they keep singing it all day long, I know I’ve got something going on there.”

What do you most look forward to with the album’s release?
Timmons: I love hearing stories from parents and seeing videos from parents of their kids because I know at some point it’s going it’s going to translate into the rest of their lives.

The project which inspired the album, 10000 MINUTES, is worth checking out. Tim and I chatted about the movement that seems to be happening now that enables consumers to continue the conversation. At the 10000 Minutes website, you will find his blog which does just that. Timmons didn’t just make an album and drop it in your shopping car and bid you adieu. He hopes to continue walking with you on the journey providing more inspiration and encouragement.

Now that the album is out, Timmons is continuing the journey with a 10-week blog series for families, check out week 1 here: Who I Am Family Blog Series, Week 1.

I don’t have young children at home anymore but as I listened to the album it became clear that I would be needing to share Who I Am with my grandson. At almost three, he is a bit young to understand the deeper lyrical concepts but it is never too soon to start filtering some Jesus music into his sponge-like soul. Plus, the boy loves to dance so, for now, the upbeat melodies will serve him well.

Parents, no matter your age or the age of your children, you’ll want to push play on this one. Send them out into the world armed with these prayerful reminders of who God is and that He is with them. Each song offers an encouraging message that they can tuck away in their hearts as they go through the trials and joys of their day.

Churches, Who I Am will be a valuable addition to your children’s programming.

All songs on the album are “carefully crafted with the question in mind, “what do we want our kids to pray?” Centered around the theme of identity, gratitude, power over fear and how to walk with Jesus all week long.” ~Hoganson Media Relations

Who I Am is available for purchase digitally and physically at your favorite online or local music store.

You can follow Tim Timmons on his website, and on social media. Be sure to share videos with him of your family enjoying the music by tagging him in your post.



“At the end of the day, that’s Timmons’ greatest desire—whether the catalyst is his cancer diagnosis, his theology, his culinary skills or his songs, he just wants to keep the conversation going so people can discover for themselves the real life found in Jesus.”


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