Good News by Rend Collective

Album Review: Good News, Rend Collective

January 18, 2018
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Rend Collective’s newest album, Good News, will drop on January 19th, 2018. Their newest album is, precisely what the title states, full of good news. “Purveyors of ‘good news’ joy and celebration mark the album from beginning to end.” {Press Release} I would add that each song centers around fundamental faith themes that take you back to the root of our hope in Christ.


Good News

The whole album is high-energy and upbeat, and you would have a hard time resisting clapping and stomping your feet. “The album is Rend Collective’s response to all of the bad news and brokenness consuming our TVs and newsstands.” {Press Release} The album sounds and feels like a combination of country music, jamboree, and Irish folk resulting in a musical and vocal masterpiece. The line-up includes:

  1. Life Is Beautiful
  2. I Will Be Undignified
  3. Rescuer (Good News)
  4. Counting Every Blessing
  5. Nailed To The Cross
  6. Hymn Of The Ages
  7. True North
  8. Resurrection Day
  9. No Outsiders
  10. Weep With Me
  11. Weep With Me (Reprise)
  12. Marching On (feat. Hillsong Young and Free)
  13. Yahweh
  14. Counting Every Blessing (Ukulele session)
  15. Christ Lives In Me


Album Review

Having been a long time fan of Rend Collective, my expectations were set high. Good News, blew my expectations away. I found myself replaying each song so I could listen again. I was clapping and singing along in minutes. My absolute favorite is Counting Every Blessing, and I already know it is going to be one of those songs you hear every time you turn on KLOVE.

One song on the album that I am sure is already familiar to you, Rescuer (Good News), released on August 25th, 2017. Check out the music video here:


I am so excited for this album to drop. There is so much hope and joy contained in the lyrics that I know it will have an impact on many lives. You can purchase the album on their website or iTunes. Rend Collective will start their Good News Tour on February 1st in the UK and will hit the US on March 1st. Check their website for tour dates.

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