Album Review: Faith Hope Love Repeat, Brandon Heath

October 15, 2017
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October 20th is only five days away and for Brandon Heath fans, Friday cannot come soon enough! Heath’s newest album, Faith Hope Love Repeat, releases later this week and it is a treat for the ears. The album features the already wildly popular song, Whole Heart, and Heath shows off his pop talent with Got the Love, which has a very Michael Jackson-ish sound to it. My personal favorite is You’ll Find Love Again, which is a sweet song that reminds us we will find love all over again once we let our guard down.

One of the most endearing qualities to Brandon is his constant desire to be genuine and authentic in his lyrics, disclosing his own personal struggles and triumphs, making him so relatable to fans.

“When I first started songwriting, it was therapy,” Heath states. “On this record, it was therapeutic writing songs about faith and overcoming this giant obstacle of mine that is fear. Fear really hits me the hardest around 3 to 4 a.m. I believe it’s just the voice of the enemy that I hear at night. I can really get stuck in my own head, and I believe that it limits me in many different capacities in life, including creativity. So it really takes faith to push through a lot of that. I always look at my records like a yearbook and what was going on in my life at that time. For me, faith felt like a big topic to talk about in this season of life.”

Brandon and his wife, Siebe, are expecting their first child in December and couldn’t be more excited. The title song from the album is written to her which he wrote with All Sons & Daughters’ David Leonard. “In the wake of learning Heath was going to become a dad for the first time, the song reads like a letter to his future child. It tackles his fear head-on: I brought you into this world / And I’m sorry it’s a little bit crazy / But I tell you there is so much good / Though the future looks a little bit hazy...”

The album would make a great stocking stuffer this year but since Christmas is still two months away, maybe celebrate Halloween with something not-so-spooky and greet those trick-or-treaters with something a little more hopeful and fun. Or, perhaps, show the ones you are thankful for that you love them by gifting them the album for Thanksgiving! Or, better yet, don’t wait for an official holiday, just pick up a copy today and try not to bop your head the entire time! I bet you can’t stay still!

Pre-order Faith Hope Love Repeat now and instantly download a few select tracks! Heath starts touring October 20th in Virgina. Check out his tour schedule and make sure to catch an upcoming show when he comes to your town. He puts on a great show and is as genuine in person as his lyrics are in his music. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also listen to the new album on Spotify here.

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