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Album Review: Every Mile Mattered

September 25, 2017
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“When I wrote No Longer I was longing for more.  Longing to be more than the girl who lives safely and predictably and wanting instead to walk in the freedom of Christ.  To stand in the posture of Christ….arms wide open, open to pain or hurt and openly giving and receiving love. Undefensively. Unarmed.

Jesus never modeled self-preservation. He did not live or love safely. And these are times that require us to live and love with the same abandon.” Nichole Nordeman

Every Mile Mattered is Nordeman’s fifth full-length studio recorded album. It was released July 28th and was followed by her book Slow Down. stated “Every Mile Mattered is a collection of songs taking a reflective look at her life’s path to becoming the woman she is today. From the leading single “Every Mile Mattered,” to a vulnerable introspective track titled “Dear Me,” this album is all about the journey, the ups and downs of life, and not looking back with regret, but with gratitude.” (source)

This album felt like listening to a wise woman reflect on her life in a conversation with God. Some verses seemed like an invitation into the pages of a prayer journal. Others were a mother’s wisdom to her children. This album plays just as the title states. It’s a reflective reminder that in good and bad, every mile mattered.

My favorite song on the album is Lean. The chorus says:

I could stand, I could fall, You want all of me
I could run, I could crawl, You will always be
You’re not impressed with all my best
Not disappointed when I don’t land on my feet
In everything, you are asking me to lean

In the middle of the Album is a U2 remix, but the tear-jerker is the last song. Slow Down sang by Nichole and her daughter Pepper. Even fully aware the song was about to play, I could not keep the tears from coming. The album has a few songs with an increased tempo, but overall I describe it as melodic and calm. I think that is fitting considering the reflective lyrics.

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